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The headquarters of the trump accused Facebook of bias

The representative of the election headquarters of the President of the United States Donald trump has accused the company of Facebook in bias after the social network removed the video from the page of trump because of false allegations of coronavirus, reports the edition Hill.

Earlier, Facebook decided to fight the spread of false information on the new coronavirus, and delete content with fakes, I removed the video from the page of trump. Video contains a snippet of an interview with an American leader Fox News channel, where he stated that children are "virtually immune to COVID-19".

Facebook removed the video from trump's account for lying about COVID-19

The American company Facebook removed the video from the US President's account of Donald trump, which contains false allegations of coronavirus, reports NBC News.

Earlier Facebook has said it will fight the spread of false information on the new coronavirus and promised to remove the content from false statements or conspiracy theories.

Ukrainian StopFake portal were accused of having links with the ultra

Ukrainian Internet portal StopFake hired by the social network Facebook to check posts for accuracy this year, faced accusations of links with the ultra-right and bias, reports the New York Times.

Earlier in the Ukrainian media appeared information about the connections project, StopFake with the far right. Edition Zaborona this month published an article containing photos that one of the main participants StopFake meets with Ukrainian nationalists, including neo-Nazi musical group, known for its song, which denies the Holocaust. After the publication one of the authors of the publications Ekaterina Sergatskova received threats and was forced to leave Ukraine.

Twitter and Facebook has deleted the accounts of the allies Bolsonaro

Social networks Twitter and Facebook has deleted the accounts 16 the allies of Brazilian President Zaira Bolsonaro suspected of spreading false news.

Earlier a court in Brazil has demanded to block the accounts and threatened to impose on the company a daily fine in the amount of 20 thousand reais (about 3.8 thousand dollars) in case of default.

WSJ: Facebook will test the algorithms on the subject of racial discrimination

Company Facebook intends to check whether the existing social networks algorithms can lead to discrimination on racial grounds and to remedy these defects, according to the Wall Steet Journal, citing individuals familiar with the situation.

The team, which will deal with issues of "equality and inclusion", was created in the company owned by Facebook and her Instagram app. As the newspaper notes, the experts intend to check algorithms, in particular, machine learning systems, affect national minorities.

The Deputy of the state Duma proposed to discuss the UN's censorship on Facebook and Twitter

A member of the Duma Committee on information policy Anton Burners proposed to discuss at the UN and the OSCE, the issue of censorship and the imposition of the ideology of "American tolerance" on Facebook and Twitter.

Earlier Thursday, the portal Motherboard published screenshots of the internal system of the service Twitter. They depict applied to each user filters, for example, whether his account has been suspended, permanently suspended, or has protected status.

Hungary in the EU first announced that it would let the Russians, but with one condition

Russia was among the so-called "yellow" zone – according to the decision of the Hungarian epidemiological authorities, reported on the official page in Facebook of the Embassy of this country in Russia. This means that from July 15, 2020, the Russians (unlike the citizens of the States "red" zone) will be able to travel to Hungary, but subject to certain conditions. The path to this European country is open to those who provide proof of negative tests for the presence of coronavirus.

In epidemiological measures, introduced in connection with COVID-19, 15 July 2020 rules of entry to Hungary will change.

Media reported that Facebook may ban political advertising

The management of the company Facebook is considering a ban on placement of political advertising on the social network before the US presidential elections in November this year, reports Bloomberg, citing sources.

According to the Agency, the possible ban is still under discussion. On the one hand, it can protect users from election-related content, which can be misleading. However, the administration of Facebook, there are concerns that the ban on advertising may have a negative impact on the campaign to ensure the attendance or restrict the ability of candidates to respond to the latest news or new information.

Facebook closed network accounts associated with the environment Bolsonaro

Company Facebook said Wednesday that eliminated network accounts allegedly relating to the President of Brazil Jaira Bolsonaro, including his two sons.

Under liquidation for "coordinated inauthentic behavior" were 35 personal accounts in Facebook, 14 pages, 1 group and 38 accounts in Instagram. From closed accounts in Facebook was 883 thousand subscribers, more 917 thousand were found in accounts in Instagram.

Facebook eliminated the network accounts associated with a different trump

Company Facebook said Wednesday that eliminated network accounts linked to convicted Roger stone, a friend and former informal adviser to Donald trump.

More than 100 pages associated with stone and active with elections in 2016, was removed for "coordinated inauthentic activities."

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