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European rabbis have supported the boycott of Facebook brands

The Board of rabbis of Europe (CPE) supported a boycott of Facebook global brands due to the fact that the social network, in their opinion, idle in relation to the propagation and incitement of hatred, reported RIA Novosti in the press service WED.

Some of the largest brands in the world, including Coca-Cola, Adidas, Ford, Unilever, and others, have announced a boycott of Facebook because of the inaction of social networks in the dissemination and incitement to hatred. Their protest of the Corporation expressed by abandoning paid advertising on the platform. To join the campaign and Jewish organizations from Europe and the United States, in particular, the anti-defamation League (ADL American Jewish non-governmental human rights organization) and the rabbinical Council of Europe (CPE).

Facebook announced the closure of hundreds of accounts of right-wing extremists

Company Facebook on Tuesday announced the closure of hundreds of accounts, groups and pages associated with right-wing extremists involved in the riots in the United States.

According to the company, we are talking about right-wing Boogaloo movement, whose activists have shown themselves during a mass protest recently.

Media: a number of major companies suspended their advertising in Facebook

The Adidas company with its subsidiary Reebok, as well as the auto giant Ford and several other companies joined the boycott Facebook, halting advertising in its social networks, told television channel CNBC.

According to him, until the end of July to suspend advertising in Facebook and Instagram of Adidas and Reebok, which announced its intention to develop criteria that will make both themselves and their partners "responsible for creating and maintaining a safe environment". Ford in the next 30 days also will not post ads to assess their presence on platforms Facebook.

Oxford experts noted the high response to Sputnik and RT in Europe

The experts of the Oxford Internet Institute believe that the Russian media such as RT and Sputnik, along with the Chinese, Iranian and Turkish state media, called social media response, sometimes exceeds the response of the audience is known to European publications.

"During a three-week study, we found that most of the government-sponsored media from China, Iran, Russia and Turkey, generating the content in French, German and Spanish that reach tens of millions of users of social networks worldwide, albeit using less of the distribution system than the major media in these languages

PepsiCo joined the advertising boycott of Facebook

The American company PepsiCo joined the boycott of Facebook, it will no longer advertise on the social network, informs television channel Fox News, citing informed sources.

Earlier, the national Association for the advancement of colored people (NAACP), the organization for the protection of civil rights, Color of Change, the human rights organization "anti-defamation League of the United States" (ADL) and other human rights activists urged the company to cease to advertise on Facebook in July, to protest due to the lack of regulation of such content. On Friday, the company North Face has announced that it will not post to Facebook advertising because "publications with hatred, violence and racism" in the social network. Later, one of the largest U.S. Telecom operator Verizon Communications Inc has joined the boycott, refusing advertising in Facebook and Instagram. A similar statement was made by the company Unilever.

Facebook ban hate in advertising

The head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg said Friday that the company will prohibit hate speech in ads on the social network, and will also be tagging posts that may deserve attention or to be valuable to the public interest, but it violates company policy.

In addition, Facebook is expanding a policy to better protect

The German court allowed Facebook to limit the collection of user data

The Federal Supreme court of Germany on Tuesday ruled that the Federal antitrust Agency (FAV) has the right to prohibit the American company Facebook collecting user data without their consent.

"Facebook uses terms that involve the collection and use of user data that you collect. when the use of Internet is independent from Facebook sites. The Federal anti-monopoly office banned Facebook (in February 2019 - ed.) the processing of such data without the consent of users. The antitrust chamber of the Federal Supreme court today decided that the Federal antitrust Agency may implement such a ban," reads the court's decision.

Facebook will support organizations that are owned by blacks

Social network Facebook will spend $ 200 million to support businesses and organizations that belong to blacks, said in the company blog, chief operating officer of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg.

"The last few weeks has forced us to confront the realities of violence and injustice which are daily confronted members of the black community. We have combined the ideas of various groups of our employees in different teams about how we can better fight racial injustice. We have allocated $ 200 million to support businesses and organizations that belong to the blacks", the statement says Sandberg.

Facebook explained in deleting a publication of the trump video

Social network Facebook has removed a publication of the U.S. President Donald trump with the video, which depicts the scene with the black and white kids, due to complaints of copyright infringement, the newspaper Politico, citing a company statement.

Earlier it was reported that trump has posted on their pages in Twitter and Facebook video, which looks like a fragment of a translation of CNN. It shows how the black kid runs away from white. The fragment is accompanied by the caption: "a Scared kid running away from a child racist." Twitter said the video warning sign that the media were "specially processed" and added to the publication that the movie is a version of the viral video, which in September 2019, reported CNN. As noted by the social network, "many journalists confirmed that the video was edited and assembled with "fake" titles CNN".

Facebook and Twitter are not found foreign interference in the protests in the United States

Facebook and Twitter are not found foreign interference in the protests in the United States, said the representatives of these online platforms in the course of the hearings in the house Committee on intelligence.

Earlier, U.S. attorney General William Barr said on "foreign meddling" in the protests in the US, not accusing any specific country.

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