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Putin congratulated the investigators on their professional holiday

Every procedural decision of the investigator must be competent and perfect and ensure the completeness of the investigation, the mistakes need to be corrected, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the congratulation to employees and veterans of the investigating authorities of Russia.

He stressed that the main criterion for evaluating the work of employees of the investigative bodies are not separate indicators of departmental statistics, and the confidence of companies and citizens. "You don't just understand all the intricacies of a particular case, you are defending truth, justice, human dignity, and achieve inevitable punishment for the perpetrators and protect the rights of those who have suffered as a result of criminal assault was the victim of illegal prosecution or false slander", - said the head of state.

A veteran of the FSB commented on the report of the British Committee of Russia

The UK is traditionally one of the main military and political opponents of Russia, the statements of the British Parliament are just another statement of this fact, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, General retired FSB Alexander Mikhailov.

Earlier in the same day was published the report of the British parliamentary intelligence Committee, which notes in particular that the Russian intelligence services "consider the UK is one of its main targets."

FSB detained the recruiter of terrorists in Kaliningrad

Recruiters banned in Russia international terrorist organization was detained in Kaliningrad, reported RIA Novosti the representative of FSB of Russia across the Kaliningrad region Ekaterina Ispravnikova.

"Stopped by the criminal activities of four citizens of the Central Asian region that are members of the clandestine cells of international terrorist organization "Katib Tauhid Val-Jihad"* - said Ispravnikova.

FSB prevented a terrorist attack in Astrakhan region

Employees of the FSB in the Astrakhan region detained a local resident, a supporter of the terrorist organization "Islamic state"*, who planned to commit a terrorist attack in Astrakhan, told RIA Novosti the representative of FSB of Russia in the region.

According to him, the person from Astrakhan, born in 1987 swore the leader of the IG*, electing him by his "Amir". "At the same time a local resident has taken the decision to commit a terrorist act in Astrakhan by an armed attack on the administrative building," he said.

The detention of the man who prepared the terrorist attack in Vladikavkaz, took video

The time of arrest a supporter of the IG* who planned to arrange explosion in Vladikavkaz, was caught on video.

The footage also shows and seized components of an explosive device.

FSB has published the testimony of the Estonian punitive after the war

The Estonian punitive, in the years of the great Patriotic war participated in the genocide of civilians in the Pskov region, after the war, he joined the "forest brothers" – this is evidenced by the archival materials of the FSB of Russia in the Pskov region, seen by RIA Novosti.

Speech, in particular, about the interrogation of the Punisher Erich Limpets conducted by the investigator of the KGB of the USSR in the Pskov region in 1967. During the interrogation, Limpets said that from 1944 to 1946 "was illegal in the gang, which operated in the forest in Rakursom area of the Estonian SSR". The gang consisted of seven armed men.