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A resident of the United States found in the washing machine Python

In Florida, a local resident was found inside the washing machine Python, reports UPI.

Emily Visnic, who recently moved from Connecticut to an apartment in West palm beach, said that in her home has its own Laundry, but she doesn't know how the reptile got into the unit.

The house where they filmed "Edward Scissorhands", was put up for sale

The house depicted in the Tim Burton movie "Edward Scissorhands" (1990) with johnny Depp in the title role, was put up for sale for 224 thousand dollars, reports the Independent.

According to the publication, penthouse with an area of 133 square meters is located in the small town of Lutz (Florida). And although the turquoise facade was painted, the exterior of the residence, built in 1989, shortly before the start of filming, still recognizable.

In the United States took video of a bear rolling down the street the trash

In Florida a surveillance camera caught the bear rolling down the street a large trash can, reports UPI.

The author of the video Brett Longo said that he received a signal about the activity next to the house with surveillance cameras. He joined the device and found two black bears in the yard.

A Florida man bought a Lamborghini with the money from the bailout Fund

A Florida man accused of fraud in which he embezzled nearly four million dollars earmarked for salary during a pandemic coronavirus, according to the U.S. justice Department.

According to investigators, 29-year-old David Haines turned to the banks for assistance under the Federal program, which was conducted throughout the country. The young man on behalf of various companies have requested loans totaling us $ 13.5 million, putting thus unreliable data. In the applications, he pointed out that funds are needed for staff salaries. In the end, Hines has approved concessional loans worth 3.9 million dollars.

Biden is ahead of trump by votes in three key States, poll

Former Vice-President and most likely Democratic party candidate in the presidential election, Joe Biden is ahead in the votes of incumbent President Donald trump in three key States - Arizona, Florida and Michigan, according to a survey by the firm SSRS, conducted on behalf of CNN.

In the South-Eastern US state of Florida, according to the poll, Biden gets 51% of votes, trump - 46%. Thus in southwestern Arizona Biden can get 49%, and the current us President - 45%. In Michigan, which is located in the heart of the American Great lakes, the gap is already pronounced: Biden may get 52% of the votes, while trump - 40%.

Florida has overtaken new York in the number of cases of coronavirus

The American state of Florida on the South of the country surpassed one of the most heavily affected by the coronavirus of the States of new York in the number of cases COVID-19, from the data published on the website of the local branch of the Department of health.

According to the latest data, Florida was 414 511 cases COVID-19, whereas in new York revealed 411 200 cases.

In Florida one man died in the shooting at an air force base

On the basis of the US air force Hurlburt field in Florida shooting occurred, he said the command base in Facebook.

"Today, at our base there were armed internal unrest, in which one person was killed and one was injured," wrote the commander of the 1st special operations wing air force base Jocelyn Schermerhorn.

In Florida, the number of cases of coronavirus, has exceeded 400 thousand

The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in the U.S. state of Florida on Friday exceeded 400 thousand, according to the local Ministry of health.

Just discovered 402 thousand cases of infection, related COVID-19 complications died 5 653 people.

Trump announced the cancellation of the all-party Congress in Florida

The President of the United States Donald trump announced the cancellation of the all-party Congress in the city of Jacksonville, Florida due to the coronavirus.

This decision trump has explained the concern about the residents of Florida. According to him, the delegates will gather in North Carolina, where will be held the official procedure of nomination of the candidate from Republican party on presidential elections.

Trump announced the transition on "telephone meetings" due to coronavirus

The President of the United States Donald trump announced the transition on "telephone meetings" instead of the usual gatherings at stadiums because of the coronavirus, according to CNN.

Trump is known for his love of personal meetings with voters, however, given the pandemic coronavirus he became the object of criticism, as on a couple of these events, people did not comply with recommended distance and almost no one wore masks.

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