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Florida surpassed Germany in the number of cases COVID-19

The number of cases of coronavirus infection in Florida exceeded 200 thousand, or more than three thousand higher than the figure of Germany, reported on the website of the Department of state for health.

According to the latest data, the number of cases of infection in Florida is 200 111, died 3731 people. For the last day in the state was recorded in 9999 cases of infection and eight deaths.

Florida broke a new record in incidence COVID-19

The American state of Florida has registered 11 458 cases of coronavirus for this Friday, said on Saturday the state office on health care.

This is another record morbidity in the state.

A new attack on the United States. Infection rates are accelerating and threaten disaster

The beginning of July in the United States was marked by a record daily increase of cases of coronavirus — 50 thousand cases. Chief epidemiologist Anthony Fauci, warned that if the authorities do not take control of the situation, this indicator can reach 100 thousand. The abolition of restrictions in many States suspended. However, the weekend in honor of independence Day threatens to turn into the perfect storm and no amount of precautions will help.

"We all did. The staff were in masks, standing around sanitizer once a week tests were passed," despite assurances Mattie Bullitt, Bullitt Bar, it was closed again.

In Arizona back restrictions on coronavirus

Governor of Arizona Doug Dusi returned on Monday, the number of restrictions on the coronavirus because of the sudden outbreak of the disease.

In addition, it is forbidden to gather more than 50 people and called for "responsibly" to celebrate the US independence Day, staying home and not participating in major events.

Florida bars will close due to the new flash COVID-19

The Department of business and professional regulation the U.S. state of Florida announced the closing bars in connection with a new outbreak COVID-19.

"The Department of business and professional regulation immediately suspend the consumption of alcohol in bars throughout the state," wrote the head of Department Chelsea Bashers on Twitter.

In Miami arrested the police who beat the African-American

Police in the us city of Miami gardens (Florida), who tried to detain the African-American with strangulation and caused her injuries, is dismissed from ranks of law enforcement officers and arrested, according to the newspaper Miami Herald.

The publication notes that this incident became known thanks to appearing in social networks video, which was shot by a friend of the victim. The incident happened January 14: on that day, the African-American Safia Satchel fell out with the Manager of one of the strip clubs, because he refused to return her money for the meals. African-American is gone, leaving the bills to the waitress. The Manager of the institution called the police.

In Florida, the number of cases COVID-19 per day reached a record value

The number of new cases of infection with coronavirus infection identified per day in the U.S. state of Florida reached a new record value of 2.8 thousand, follows from statistics of the state Department of health.

The previous peak value, as previously reported by the Miami Herald newspaper, citing the state Department of health, was recorded on June 13, then, revealed more than 2.5 thousand new cases of the disease.

In Florida revealed more than 2.5 thousand new cases of coronavirus

The number of identified cases of infection with coronavirus in Florida again reached a record for the day recorded more than 2.5 thousand are infected, according to the newspaper the Miami Herald, citing state health Department.

It is reported that the number of reported cases has been growing for the third day in a row. On Saturday the number of identified infected exceeded the previous record for 679 and reached 2581.

In the United States have launched a Falcon 9 rocket with Internet satellites Starlink

Booster Falcon 9 was launched in Florida with a group of 58 Internet satellites Starlink, the company SpaceX is a live broadcast of the launch.

The launch was given in 5.21 calculated for East coast time USA (12.21 GMT) from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral. This is the ninth batch of Starlink satellites, into orbit, and the third flight for the first stage of the Falcon 9, which should once again land on a floating barge in the Atlantic shortly after launch.

In the United States has removed on video as fil is fighting with a giant Python

Florida took video as zmeelov overcame and caught a huge Python, reports UPI.

Mike Kimmel, engaged in catching snakes, was seriously injured in the fight with the big Python.

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