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Rouhani called the interception of U.S. air force Iranian plane "aviatrissa"

The actions of the air force of the United States against an Iranian passenger aircraft are "aviatrissa", said Wednesday Iran's President Hassan Rouhani.

"Is it possible to in the international air corridor on the existing route to the passenger plane, where adults, children and women who flew fighter, intimidating them. No doubt – this aviatiors," said Rouhani during a meeting of the government shown on television.

Iranian foreign Minister praised the actions of the us military in the incident with the liner

The actions of the U.S. air force against the Iranian passenger plane was dangerous, said the official representative of Iranian foreign Minister Abbas Mousavi, calling them "playing with human lives."

According to him, the flight of American planes was "dangerous and adventurous" violate the norms of air travel. The presence of American forces in Syria illegally, said the representative of the Iranian foreign Ministry, in connection with the execution of American planes was illegal, and nobody gave the US the right to inspect a passenger plane.

Mahan Air has commented on incident with the fighter of the United States

Iranian airline Mahan Air commented on the actions of the U.S. air force against his passenger plane, saying that the Iranian aircraft was flying in accordance with the rules of air navigation.

In a published release about the incident with one of its planes flying from Iran to Lebanon, the company Mahan Air, called the actions of the two American fighters against a passenger airliner threatening.

In Iran threatened the United States "serious consequences" over the incident with the plane

The us military should expect severe consequences for its "provocative behavior" with the Iranian passenger plane, said assistant to the Chairman of the Iranian Parliament for international Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian.

According to him, the approaching American fighters to Iranian passenger aircraft has shown that the presence of foreign forces in the region poses a serious threat to peace and security in the Middle East.

The U.S. air force escorted the Iranian passenger liner, said at the Pentagon

F-15 aircraft, the U.S. air force escorted the Iranian airliner from a distance of one kilometer, taking into account international norms, stated in the press service of the U.S. Central command (CENTCOM).

It noted that after the pilot of the F-15 identified the aircraft as passenger aircraft Mahan Air, an American fighter moved away to a safe distance.

Media: U.S. fighter jets flew near the Iranian plane

American F-15 fighter flying in visual line of sight from an Iranian passenger plane, but with the observance of a safe distance, reports Reuters, citing two sources in the US administration.

One of the interlocutors of the Agency confirmed that the incident took place in Syrian airspace.

Trump took the aviation parade in honor of independence Day USA

The US President Donald trump has taken a massive air parade in honor of independence Day, held over the White house, the broadcast led the White house website.

Before the performance of trump in the air flying "air force one" - the presidential Boeing 747, and then on the lawn in front of Lincoln's monument landed military parachutists. After the speech, trump aerial parade continued. The era of the Second world war represented a military transport C-47, followed by Boeing B-17 "Flying fortress", accompanied by the famous fighter "Mustang" (North American P-51). Was submitted bombers B-25 Mitchell and the giant B-29 Superfortress - planes of this model have carried out the nuclear bombing of Japan.

In the United States tested the bomb complex "Golden Horde"

The F/A-18E/F Super Hornet was first released bombs GBU-53/B StormBreaker, according to Forbes.

According to the publication, the bomb, being integrated in a complex of semi-Autonomous precision weapon Golden Horde (Zolotaya Orda), will change the rules of the game.

The pilot crashed in the North sea the American F-15 killed

American fighter pilot F-15C that crashed in the North sea, killing, reported in the verified Twitter account housed in the UK, 48th fighter wing United States air force.

"Pilot of crashed F-15C Eagle was found. Confirmed that he died. This is a tragic loss," - said in the message.

The United States confirmed the possibility of bombers, the F-15 can carry a nuclear bomb

Bombers and F-15E Strike Eagle have been tested for the ability to carry nuclear bombs B61-12, said Monday Sandia national laboratory, USA.

The tests were conducted jointly with the U.S. air force. The bomb was tested at all stages of the application, and the team of laboratories have "exceptional confidence" that the bombs suitable for use on these bombers, said the representative of the laboratories Steven Samuels, whose words are reported.