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Scientists found out how it really looked like the artist Raphael

Scientists from the University of Rome La Sapienza in collaboration with professors from other schools of Italy have created three-dimensional model of the face of the artist of Renaissance of Raphael Santi and printed it on a 3D printer to see how it looked actually, reports the Daily Mail.

For this purpose, the experts used a plaster cast of the skull of an Italian painter, which was made during the exhumation of his body in 1833, the year, and a special computer program.

The Hermitage and the Russian Museum re-opened to visitors

The Hermitage and the Russian Museum re-opened to visitors, while art lovers will have to comply with sanitary norms: they are introduced sessions and special routes, the use of protective masks necessary.

On Wednesday resumes the Main Museum complex of the State Hermitage and the General staff. Other exhibition complexes will be opened roughly from 1 August.

In London sell rare 400-year-old statuette found among the rubbish

Rare bronze statue of the early XVII-th century Italian sculptor Antonio Susini, which found retired in a box of trinkets bought for 12 pounds at an online auction in South Africa, put this Thursday at Christie's auction in London, reports the Evening Standard.

According to the publication, after careful examination of the bronze item height 20 centimeters, the new owners have paid attention to the boots shows men — they resembled the style of the seventeenth century. The couple then contacted Milo Dickinson, a specialist from Christie's.

In the UK found 700-year-old print of the Pope

In Shropshire (West of England) the Amateur archaeologist Andy Bassett using a metal detector found in the 700-year-old seal of Pope innocent IV (his papacy began in 1243), according to EveningExpress.

According to the newspaper, his discovery was appreciated by the experts from the British Museum and was officially registered.

The Pushkin Museum opened the sale of online tickets for visitors

State Museum of fine arts named after Pushkin on Wednesday opened sales of online tickets, the press service of the Museum.

"The Pushkin Museum to them. A. S. Pushkin will open to visitors on 10 July. Online tickets can be purchased on the website from 1 July. The first projects that will be seen by the audience – the exhibition "From dürer to Matisse. Selected drawings from the collection of the Pushkin Museum. A. S. Pushkin" in the Main building and "Tattoo" in the Gallery of art of Europe and America XIX–XX centuries", - said in the message.

The state Historical Museum in Moscow opened for visitors

The state Historical Museum in Moscow after a long break, opened for visitors on Wednesday, guests can visit a new exhibition project "Medics in the war," he told RIA Novosti the Agency Director Alexei Levykin.

Historical Museum, like many other cultural institutions were closed for visitors from March 18 to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

The Norwegians found under the floor of artifacts from the Viking era

. The couple discovered during the renovation of their home in the suburbs Bode in Northern Norway, a glass bead and an iron axe of the Viking times, according to local newspaper The Local.

Presumably the age of the finds is a thousand years.

Experts from the Museum industry of the Russian Federation said that waiting for after isolation

Russian museums expect much individual visitors and hope for financial support from sponsors at the end of measures in connection with the coronavirus, said the experts of the Museum industry during the panel discussion "Museum after isolation as a return visitor: challenges and solutions".

"Some time we'll be in a situation of difficult communication with the public, difficult to attract the public in the mode of physical presence," said the Director of the Museum of Moscow Anna Trapkova. The difficulty of attracting an audience, she connects with the museums according to the instructions of the CPS.

The insurer is required to pay him 20 million for a hole in the work of Picasso

. The insurer, Steadfast, filed a lawsuit against the company T. F. Nugent, which has damaged the self "Sailor" of the famous painter Pablo Picasso, according to Artnet.

In may 2018 collector Steve Wynn withdrew the painting from auction at Christie's in new York, after an employee of the contractor T. F. Nugent, painting the walls in the gallery Christie's, accidentally dropped a paint roller and made a hole with a diameter slightly over 11 centimeters in the work of Picasso.