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The war correspondents from Russia, Syria and India received the award named Khaled al-Khatib

The winners of the international prize RT the name of the deceased in Syria, the journalist Khaled al-Khatib journalists from Russia, Syria and India, reports the RT.

International award named after Khaled al-Khatib is awarded in three categories: "the Best work from the conflict zone: the Short video", "Best work from the conflict zone: Long video", "Best work from the conflict zone: Text". Victory claimed journalists from 16 countries.

The Americans attempt to block the Russian patrol in Syria took video

Unsuccessful attempt of the us military to block the path of Russian military patrol in Syria made a video of appropriate personnel has published a number of Telegram channels, including channel war correspondent of VGTRK Evgeny Poddubny.

The video shows how the American M1235 MRAP armored vehicle pulls over in front of the Russian patrol. In this moment from under her hood begins to emit steam, the armored vehicle begins to skid, and then stalls.