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Khabarovsk authorities have declared the innocence of the rally in support of Furgala

The government of the Khabarovsk Krai and the Committee on domestic policy is not implicated in organizing an unsanctioned rally in support of arrested on charges of having links with organized crime groups Governor Sergey Furgala, reported RIA Novosti the Chairman of the Committee Anna Gubina.

Earlier it was reported that an unsanctioned rally in support who is in jail in Moscow the head of the region held in Khabarovsk, due to stocks having difficulty in the work of the city ambulance service. The action took place in the context of a ban on mass gatherings during a pandemic. AMIA Russia in the Khabarovsk region reported that "in an unauthorized mass events organized by the team of S. I. Furgala" participated from 10 to 12 thousand people.

The analyst commented on the detention of the head of Khabarovsk Krai Furgala

Professor of HSE, a specialist on regional policy Oleg Matveychev believes that the police took two years since the election of Sergey Furgala the Governor of Khabarovsk territory to gather evidence against him in cases of contract killings 2000-ies.

Furgal was arrested on Thursday and sent to Moscow. According to the investigation, he is the organizer of attempt at murder and murder of a number of entrepreneurs. According to SK Russian Federation, Furgal arrested in connection with the investigation megapikselnogo case against the gang involved in the Commission of several serious crimes against businessmen in 2004-2005 in the Khabarovsk territory and Amur region.

Source: preventive measure Furgala rather choose Basmanny court

The measure of restraint to the Governor of the Khabarovsk Krai Sergey Furgala detained on suspicion of murder, will elect the court in Moscow, reported RIA Novosti a source close to the investigation.

Earlier it was reported that the courts of the Central and Railway areas of Khabarovsk documents in relation Furgala on remand has been received, and the source of the Agency said that the Governor sent to Moscow.