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The band BTS has announced the release of a new documentary film

Members of South Korean group BTS has announced the release of the new documentary Break the Silence: The Movie. The film will be released in cinemas in the US on September 24, according to NME

The film will focus on their first international concert tour Love Yourself: Speak for Yourself, which was held last year. Then the musicians gave concerts in USA, Europe and Asia.

Prehistoric giant trees can appear in Europe, scientists say

An international group of scientists experimentally tested the possibility of one of the oldest trees in the world sequoias to adapt to the climatic conditions of contemporary Western Europe. As explained by the researchers, the choice of the object is due to its unique properties: the plant grows fast, its wood does not rot, and the bark is almost no light. A report on the experiment published in the prestigious international journal Nature Springer.

According to the authors, because of its unique properties, the Sequoia is very promising for the forest industry, but its replaybility to date prevented widespread plantations of redwoods outside its natural growing habitat – Pacific coast of the United States.

The EU revealed the reasons for the imposition of sanctions against the Russians

The European Union decision to impose its first sanctions for cyber attacks explained the accusations against individuals and organizations, which the EU believes are involved in "malicious activity in cyberspace".

Previously, the European Council agreed on the introduction of restrictive measures (asset freeze and travel ban in the EU (prohibition to directly or indirectly provide funds to specified individuals and entities) in respect of the six individuals (four citizens of Russia and two in China) and three organizations (Russia, China, North Korea). In the sanctions list, as follows from the document, got, particular, Alexey Minin, Alexey Morenets, Evgeny Serebryakov Oleg Sotnikov, and also the Main center of special technologies of the Main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces.

Vucic expects that Serbia will become a leader of economic growth in Europe

The President of Serbia Alexander Vucic expects that Serbia by the end of 2020 will be the best economic indicators in Europe, and predicted "a growth around 0%" on the background of recession in other countries of 10-12%.

Vucic on Thursday made an appeal to the citizens and said that, despite the crisis caused by COVID-19, industrial production growth in June this year was 2.6% compared to the same period last year, and the processing industry rose the most. According to the calculations Vucic, in the second quarter of the decline in the production in Serbia will amount to 9.9%, but by the end of the year the situation will improve.

The expert explained the reasons for the support of the Black Lives Matter movement in Europe

Professor at Northwestern University in the US practice leader for international studies VTSIOM Olga Kamenchuk-Nisbet explained the reasons Europeans support the movement Black Lives Matter.

Earlier, the cities of the US, a wave of protests and unrest after the death in Minneapolis at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd. After the death of Floyd intensified the movement Black Lives Matter, which is against the violence against the black population.

The Committee to protect journalists asked to protect the editor-in-chief of the Dagestani media

Based in new York, a non-governmental organization "Committee to protect journalists" (CPJ) called on the authorities of Dagestan to ensure the protection of the journalist Svetlana Anokhina, which, according to the Committee, threatened.

Last Saturday, the interior Ministry in Dagestan said that the police began checking on the fact of death threats to the journalist. According to the Agency, Anokhina received threatening phone calls is unknown, the audio recording of the call added to her statement. According to media reports, Anokhina chief editor in the publication "Daptar", which focused on the situation of women in North Caucasian society.

Experts told, what a holiday in Turkey choose the Russians

The number of search queries regarding the flights from Russia to Turkey since the opening of this direction exceeded 2019, with the majority of users choose not beach holidays in Antalya or Bodrum, and the "city" option, booking Istanbul, told RIA Novosti in the company Ozon.Travel.

It recalled that from August 1 to open the air service between Russia and the three countries - Turkey, Tanzania and the United Kingdom that influenced the demand for travel among Russian tourists.

Deferred test parachutes for ExoMars-2022 plan to hold in October

High-altitude testing in the United States parachute system for the Russian-European Mars landing station ExoMars-2022, postponed from March due to pandemic coronavirus, outlined in October, reported RIA Novosti head of the European space Agency (ESA) in Russia Rene Pishel.

In March, Russia's Roscosmos and ESA announced the postponement of the launch of the station from 2020 to 2022 for additional testing with modified equipment and the final version of the software. Furthermore, additional issues for further work have caused the spread of the coronavirus.

Durov named seven iPhone owners cause for concern

The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov has accused Apple in that it supposedly creates the myths around the App Store and thereby deceiving the users. About this he wrote in his Telegram channel, where he listed seven reasons why the Commission in the Apple App Store should "worry about every iPhone owner".

In particular, he pointed out that a 30 percent Commission for each application, the company increases the value of digital purchases. Moreover, the money consumers have despite the fact that they previously overpaid for the Apple phone "a few hundred dollars more than its cost".

The political scientist rejected the EU statement on the prohibition of entry to Crimea from Ukraine

The statement of the representative of the European Commission prohibiting entry to the Crimea Ukrainian citizens is wrong, as the restrictions relate solely to the pandemic coronavirus, said RIA Novosti political analyst Sergei Mikheyev.

The EU has previously stated that he is concerned about "restriction" of free access of Ukrainian citizens on the territory of Crimea.

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