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Dr. Komorowski called signs of bad fathers

. Many men are trying to shift responsibility for the upbringing of the children from the spouse, however, this approach is fundamentally wrong, says pediatrician and TV host Yevgeny Komarovsky

"Daddy is such a mythical creature with the child in the afternoon with fire will not find, and which no responsible decision is not accepted", — he said in a video on his YouTube channel.

Dr. Komorowski spoke about the terrible effects of antibiotics

Thoughtless use of antibiotics is fraught with dire consequences, said the doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski in his instagram.

He noted that such medications as prescribed, and some physicians for the treatment of viral infections is prophylactic, but in the end, this significantly increases the cases of bacterial complications. So, antibiotics can save people from a specific group of bacteria, giving way to reproduce other pathogenic organisms "without competition".

Dr. Komarovsky dispelled the myth about the ability of blueberries to restore vision

Improve eyesight with bilberry is virtually impossible, said the doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski in instagram.

The vast majority of cases, preparations containing bilberry, it's not drugs, but dietary supplements that theoretically have a positive effect on vision," explained Komorowski.

Dr. Komorowski spoke about the unusual way to escape the heat

The scarf can be used for cooling in the heat, said Dr. and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski in his instagram.

"When the real heat when there is nowhere to go, almost the most effective way to avoid overheating, to avoid heat stroke is to use scarves around the neck.

Dr. Komarovsky gave advice to recover from coronavirus infection

Recover from coronavirus infection, people should still take precautions not to infect others, said the doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski in instagram.

He stressed that even a recovering person can transmit the virus, if there is "to go everywhere and grab everything".

Komorowski spoke about global health "divorced"

People cheat, when you think of herbs as "superpanel," said the doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski in instagram.

So he answered the question of "active natural ingredients" against the coronavirus.

Dr. Komorowski showed frequent mistake when washing hands

Doctor and TV presenter Yevgeny Komarovsky and epidemiologist Andrew Alexandrin showed how to wash hands or to treat them with sanitizer to contaminated sites.

In a new video on the YouTube channel experts conducted an experiment. Komarovsky with closed eyes treated hands in white gloves with black paint under the guise of liquid soap or antiseptic. It turned out that the latex gloves the doctor left white spots.