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The refugee said that the militants demanded money for his release from the camps er-Rukman

Syrian refugee Dorsi Diana al-Ali, who along with his family managed to leave the camp er-Ruban on the Syrian-Jordanian border, said that the militants are demanding money from its residents to give them out.

He added that in er Rogbane the harsh conditions for refugees and residents would like to leave. "We fled to the camp of er-Rukman when Palmyra was captured by the members of the terrorist group "Islamic state."* The standard of living there was just awful, we survived only due to humanitarian assistance. Lived in a tent in the rainy season, it was very difficult. We were there for almost three years," he said.

Syrian fighter said on preparing provocations for the US air strike

The fighter of illegal armed group "Mahavir as-Saura", the camp which is located on the territory controlled by Americans zone Et-TANF in Syria, escaped and surrendered to the government troops. In an interview with reporters a former militant Hassan Abdul atra told that the group was involved in provocations against the Syrian army, to give rise to the American military strikes on its positions.

According to him, the militant group, whose members included Abdul atra, had to drive up in pickup trucks to the Syrian army positions as close as possible and force the Syrian soldiers to open fire. However, during the three attempts of provocations, involving escaped members of the group, the Syrian military did not shoot at them and not given reason the us military to attack.

Iran has sent letters to the UN Secretary General and the security Council on the incident with the plane

Permanent mission of Iran to the UN would send an official letter to the Secretary General of the organization, as well as in the Security Council outlining the details of the incident with the interception of an Iranian airliner, told RIA Novosti the mission of the IRI.

Earlier it was reported about the convergence of fighters with Iranian passenger plane of the airline Mahan Air, flying from Tehran to Beirut. Initially there was information that fighters intercepted an Iranian passenger plane, could be Israeli, then broadcaster IRIB, citing data from the flight crew announced that we are talking about the American interceptors. Iranian foreign Minister announced that Tehran is studying the circumstances of the incident, but did not specify the guilty. In Tehran said that they would take necessary political and legal measures, as soon as I get more information about it.

The sebenza has asked the U.S. to respond to messages about training of militants in Syria

Russia's envoy to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia urged the United States on the Security Council to comment on reports about the Americans training the militants in northeast Syria.

"Once again, we received information that the United States trained and supplied weapons to the extremists in the district of al-TANF. A number of militants escaped from there and told me that he participated in attacks on government forces after training by American instructors. We would like to hear comments about this information," - said Nebenzia, addressing the meeting of the UN security Council to the American side.

Syrian schik told how the IG* forced him to cooperate

The terrorist organization ISIS* forced civilians of Syria to cooperate on pain of death, told Russian journalists a former militant Muhammad Usain Saud, who before meeting with the terrorists was a communal work in Palmyra.

He noted that he was in IG* in 2015. The terrorists along with him recruited many civilians Palmyra and directed them to dump outside the city the corpses of citizens and soldiers killed by militants.

A former militant of the IG* told about the British instructors in Syria

A former militant of the Islamic state* Muhammad Usain Saud told Russian reporters how he was forced to follow the Russian and Syrian military and secret service SAR Mukhabarat.

Former militant admitted that British intelligence agencies was found in the area of al-TANF, where the American military base. There he fled from his hometown of Palmyra, where for some time he was recruited by the IG*. In Et Tape Saud were engaged in robbing the Bedouins.