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In England becomes compulsory wearing of masks in stores

The wearing of masks covering the mouth and nose, for shoppers in England from Friday will be mandatory, violators will be issued fines.

According to the new to combat the spread of coronavirus to the rules, anyone who tries from 24 July to enter the store without a mask, may not be allowed on the sales floor. In the event of buyer's failure to wear a mask store employees can call the police who will ask the violator to comply with the rules, and in the case of a categorical refusal to issue a fine.

In London noted the increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus

The number of new detected cases of infection with coronavirus began to rise again in most London areas, according to the office for the protection of public health England.

According to statistics, the rate of the weekly increase in the number of cases (weekly until 19 July) increased by 18 London boroughs, fell in 14. The highest rate was recorded in Hackney and the city - 16.3 cases per 100 thousand people, while last week the figure was 5.2 cases.

The UK will suspend publication of statistics on deaths from COVID-19

Britain said it would suspend the daily updates on the number of deaths from the coronavirus in the United Kingdom, Reuters reported.

According to the Agency, this decision was taken after the government gave instructions to review the methods of calculation in connection with fears that the numbers could be exaggerated.

In England will be fined for the lack of masks

Wearing masks for shoppers in England will be required, violators will be issued fines, confirmed health Minister Matt Hancock.

On the eve of the official representative of the Prime Minister's office announced that it is mandatory to wear masks in shops will need on July 24. Recently the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been ill with the coronavirus first appeared in public in a mask and made it clear that now the mask in the stores should wear all.

Chilled eyes on the case Safronova

Feature heated discussions of detention IV. IV. Safronov is that in his defence put forward such arguments, which arguments are not. Neither for nor against.

For example, the statement "I have dealt with Safronov, he is a wonderful man and a true patriot" only means that Safronov in the course of communication with the surety proved from the best side and gave no reason to suspect myself of cheating. That is, like standartenfuhrer Stirlitz, he had the most positive characteristics about him spoke well comrades at work and at the same time he did not allow himself to careless mistakes like "Stirlitz walked through the streets of Berlin, and nothing betrayed a Russian spy: no behind radio, no parachute trailing behind".

In the UK found 700-year-old print of the Pope

In Shropshire (West of England) the Amateur archaeologist Andy Bassett using a metal detector found in the 700-year-old seal of Pope innocent IV (his papacy began in 1243), according to EveningExpress.

According to the newspaper, his discovery was appreciated by the experts from the British Museum and was officially registered.

The media in England revealed COVID-19 nine factory workers BMW

Coronavirus was detected in nine factory workers German car manufacturer BMW in England, the company said it "is closely monitoring the situation," the newspaper reports the Oxford Mail.

Cases COVID-19 was recorded in one week, located in the district of Cowley in Oxford BMW plant specializing in the production of the car brand Mini.

UK Leicester tightened the quarantine for COVID-19

Quarantine due to the outbreak of coronavirus tightened in city of Leicester in Central England, announced on Monday evening the Minister of health of great Britain Matt Hancock.

The population of Leicester is about 350 thousand people (along with the surrounding area - more than 500 thousand).

In the Saratov Museum told about the preparation for the celebration of its 135 th anniversary

Saratov state art Museum named after Radishchev will combine the celebration of its 135th anniversary with the 150-year anniversary of the outstanding Russian artist Victor Borisov-Musatov, an exhibition of his paintings will be a key event of the celebrations, told RIA Novosti the General Director of the institution Ludmila Kalinina.

Art Museum named after Radishchev is among the oldest museums of Russia and is the first public Museum in the province. The Museum was opened in Saratov on June 29, 1885 by the Russian landscape artist Alexei Bogolyubov, who named it in honor of his grandfather - the author of the book "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow" by Alexander Radishchev. The Museum has postponed the celebration of the anniversary of September due to the restrictive measures related to the threat of the spread of coronavirus.

The historian spoke about the relations of Germany with England in the 1930-ies

The Deputy führer of the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler's Nazi party, Rudolf Hess was the main initiator of the establishment of secret contacts with Germany, Britain in the mid 1930-ies, evidenced by archival materials, said in an interview with RIA Novosti historian of special services, doctor of philosophical Sciences Vladimir Makarov.

Hess on 10 may 1941, alone, he flew from Germany to the UK. Documents about this event, considered one of the main mysteries of the Second world war, London is still not declassified in full. However, professional historians agree that Hess wanted to convince the British to conclude peace with Germany before the attack on the USSR. In 1946, during the Nuremberg trials, Hess was sentenced to life imprisonment, which he served in Berlin's Spandau prison. He died on 17 August 1987 at the age of 93 years.

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