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In the Saratov region drivers of minibuses will test COVID-19

Taxi drivers in the city of Engels of the Saratov region will test for the coronavirus after the detection of infection in the health worker who conducted the medical examinations, said the chief of Department of epidemiological supervision of regional management Rospotrebnadzora Galina Arkhipova.

"Conducted by epibrassinolide established that the employee was a medical professional and conducted pre-trip inspections the driver," Wheeler said Thursday at a briefing on the situation COVID-19 in the region, answering the question of whether the Agency about the infection by the coronavirus employee of Engels "the Central dispatching service", which allegedly had contact with about 140 drivers.

In the Saratov region has sentenced a participant in the group of drug dealers

The Engels district of the Saratov region has sentenced the member of the criminal group, which has seized prepared to sales of more than five kilograms of synthetic drugs, to nine and a half years in prison, said the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

The court found that from June 2018 to July 2019, the inhabitant of Engels performed a criminal group role of the wholesale zagladkina, distributing synthetic drugs in the city, creating hiding places-bookmarks and reporting their coordinates to potential buyers. He also gave drugs to another member of the group for the subsequent sale. The total mass cooked to the sale of drugs exceeded five kilograms.