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Washington decided to punish Europe for real

Despite all the difficulties in relations between the administration of Donald trump and American IT-giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, the US President was ready to sacrifice the remnants of transatlantic solidarity and goodwill, which has been preserved in the relations between States and the European Union to protect the income of American corporations from European tax authorities.

Old conflict, which Mature for many years, now came to the open exchange of painful financial blows of billions of dollars — the European Union wants to "squeeze" us corporations, who for decades worked in the EU without paying taxes, and the US is going to punish the European Union for trying to gain minimal fiscal sovereignty. I must give credit to the team trump the revenge they have made a very point, in the sense that it was identified the specific author of the European breakthrough to freedom and "squirt", who dared to advance the idea that the American IT business, working in the "European colonies of the United States" actually have to pay taxes, and after this identification was followed by retaliatory us action.

The United States announced a 25 percent duties on products from France

USA announced the introduction of a 25 percent duty on goods from France with a volume of $ 1.3 billion over a digital tax, reports AFP.

As reported by the United States trade representative, digital tax is unfair to American companies that engage with digital technologies. However, the US tariff will not take effect until January 6, 2021, as the negotiations continue.

Vucic has assessed the requirements of Kosovo negotiations under the auspices of the European Union

The requirements of the authorities of the breakaway Republic of Kosovo in the negotiations under the auspices of the EU are meaningless, said the President of Serbia Alexander Vucic.

On Friday, Vucic is on a visit to Paris, where he arrived to hold a video-conference on the question of Kosovo on the initiative of Germany, France and the EU. Upon arrival, he was familiarized with the demands of the Kosovo Albanian authorities.

Macron called on Netanyahu to refrain from measures for the annexation of the West Bank

The President of France Emmanuel macron in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday urged to refrain from taking any action for annexation of the Palestinian territories, said on Friday the elysée Palace.

Macron also recalled the unwavering commitment of France to the security of Israel and its determination to reduce tensions in the middle East. "He expressed his attachment to the friendship and trust that bind France and Israel", - said in a communiqué.

Macron said the main task of the new government of France

The new government in France will have to rebuild the economy, which suffered from the pandemic of a novel coronavirus, improving social protection and environmental issues, said the President of the Republic Emmanuel macron.

In his Twitter account, the French President pointed out that because of the "international shocks" and crises need to pave a new path and adapt to the current realities of the political program which he proposed in 2017.

The former Prime Minister of France entered the office of mayor of Le Havre

Former Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe on Sunday joined the office of mayor of the port city of Le Havre, according to the newspaper Parisien.

Earlier on Friday, the President of France Emmanuel macron accepted the resignation of Philip as head of the French Cabinet, after he in the second round of municipal elections was given the post of mayor of the city of Le Havre. The post Philip has held since 2010 until may 2017, the date of his appointment as Prime Minister of the country. The place Philip came Jean Castex.

In respect of ex-Prime Minister of France will begin a preliminary investigation

The attorney-General of France will begin a preliminary investigation against former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and ex-Ministers of health, Olivier Veran and Agnes Busan, reports channel BFMTV.

"After the pandemic COVID-19 France had filed 90 complaints against the Prime Minister and several other Ministers of the previous government", - said the TV channel.

The expert assessed the purpose of Castex new Prime Minister of France

The new Prime Minister of France Jean Castex – little-known public official, he was Deputy of the former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on withdrawal of France from the isolation mode after COVID-19 and a very worthy showed itself in this complex area of work, told RIA Novosti leading researcher of the Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences, candidate of political Sciences Sergei Fedorov.

The President of France, Emmnauel macron was appointed to the post of Prime Minister Jean Castex after Edouard Philippe, who held the position of head of government, resigned.

The expert commented on the resignation of the Prime Minister of France

The resignation of the Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe was expected, the country's President Emmanuel macron have decided to upgrade the government to restart the economy after the crisis caused by the COVID-19, with the obvious contenders for the Prime Minister is not visible, said RIA Novosti Professor of European law of MGIMO-University Nikolai Topornin.

The Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe gave the President of the country, Emmanuel macron, the resignation, the President approved it, said in a statement on Friday a communiqué of the Elysee Palace.

The Prime Minister of France resigned

The Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe filed his resignation, said in a communique of the Elysee Palace.

Until a new government is appointed Philip will continue to conduct current business. In late June he won the election of the mayor of Le Havre, it was stated that he can remain as Prime Minister until 2022.

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