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In the state Duma commented on the strategy of Kiev on "de-occupation" of the Crimea

The law equating the alienation of territory to extremism, is a concrete and public argument in opposition to developed by Ukraine of the strategy for "de-occupation" of the Crimea, said state Duma Deputy from the Crimean region Andrey Kozenko.

Earlier, the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine dzhaparova said that the strategy of "de-occupation" of the Crimea have already developed, but the paper does not give publicity to.

Ukraine called on Germany to respond to a trip of the Deputy in the Crimea

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine demanded from Germany the official reaction to the trip representative Gunnar Linderman as an observer to Crimea to vote on changes to the Constitution, this was discussed during a meeting between Ukrainian Deputy foreign Minister Emine Caprovoi and the German Ambassador Anki Feldguzen, the press service of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

Earlier, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine urged to impose sanctions against the organizers of the vote on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the Peninsula, adding that the results "will have no legal effect and will not be acknowledged neither by Ukraine nor the international community."

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has asked France to respond to the visit of MEPs to Crimea

Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine Emine dzhaparova in conversation with the French Ambassador Etienne de Poncin asked about the official reaction of France to the visit of the French deputies of the European Parliament in the Crimea, has informed on Tuesday a press-service of the Ukrainian Ministry.

The visit of the delegation of French deputies of the European Parliament in Crimea scheduled for June 30 and will run until 2 July.