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"Hatred of everything alien." Millions of people join a new religion

The movement Black Lives Matter in support of the fight against racism ceases to be the only socio-political: his supporters increasingly speak the language of the Bible. However, instead of Jesus Christ they have a different Messiah — George Floyd. As a victim of police brutality turned into an idol of millions and how it seriously — in the material RIA Novosti.

"He was tall and broad-shouldered. And the strongest — for which he was elected leader of the robber band. With accomplices he robbed the house, attacked the travellers. But at one point decided to change and get on the right path".

Grandson of Elvis Presley killed himself

The Elvis Presley grandson Benjamin Keogh committed suicide on the 28th year of life, informs a portal TMZ, citing law enforcement sources and the Manager of the mother of the young man.

The law enforcement sources told the publication that the grandson of the singer was found dead with a gunshot wound in their apartment in the us city of Calabasas, California. According to them, we are talking about suicide.

Billboard has compiled a list of the best summer tracks from the 90s

Anna Chan, the author of Billboard magazine dedicated to music industry, compiled a list of the best summer songs that were popular in the 90-ies, and also served at this time first place in the charts Billboard's songs of the summer and the Billboard hot 100.

The absolute leader in 1990, the year was Mariah Carey. The title song "Vision of love" from the eponymous debut album, written in the style of pop R