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In Kalmykia died pediatric medical center, aching COVID-19

Doctor of the Republican children's medical center of Kalmykia died from COVID-19, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Ministry of health of the region.

According to authorities, an elderly physician of the Republican children's medical center in Elista contracted coronavirus infection over a month ago, the disease is passed in the heavy form.

In a private house in Elista found the bodies of a woman and three of her children

A woman and three children found dead in a house in Elista, was from a prosperous family, told RIA Novosti the Commissioner for children's rights in Kalmykia, Olga Umhaev.

The body of 35-year-old woman and her children, 2009, 2012 and 2020 year of birth was discovered Monday in a private house in Elista. Investigators opened a criminal case.

In Kalmykia extended mode isolation

The mode isolation in Kalmykia has been extended by two weeks, and the region goes to the second stage of the removal of restrictions, said in his Telegram the head of the Republic of Batu Hasikov.

In Kalmykia, a regime of isolation is valid until 7 may, not work shopping facilities, except for food, canceled mass events and entertainments. In Elista declared a state of emergency because of the coronavirus, temporarily stopped the movement of public transport between the capital of the Republic and the suburbs.