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Producer of "Tender may" revealed the secret of your weight loss

Producer of "Tender may" Andrey Razin has revealed the "secret" of losing weight at 43 kgs. Relevant post he posted on his Instagram.

"I went to the herring instead of meat. Salted cucumber, onion, dill... And I lost a lot of weight. Continue her diet a little, so as not to shock your body. Already weigh 107 pounds, compared to 150," wrote Razin.

The nutritionist said the best time for eating fast food

Dietitian Elena Solomatina told what time of day you can eat fast food without harm to the figures.

According to her, in the morning, metabolic processes occur faster, so during the day the body is able to "burn" extra calories.

Named brain-damaging products

Dietitian Elena Solomatina called products, which with constant use destroys the brain.

First, the expert recommended to give up foods containing TRANS fats – margarine, mayonnaise and cheap confectionery.

The nutritionist called the situation, when the fat helps to lose weight

Fat can help you lose weight, but only in one specific case. About it told in an interview to radio Sputnik nutritionist Elena Solomatina.

Fat in the public consciousness is considered to be one of the most harmful products. The whole thing in almost one hundred percent fat content, which is tightly associated with something harmful. However this is a misconception, said Elena Solomatina. In her opinion, it's all in the amount and manner of use of fat.

Named products, without which it is impossible to lose weight

Weight loss is impossible without the fiber, so the menu should be a lot of vegetables, said "Evening Moscow" dietitian Elena Solomatina.

She explained that dietary fiber fat is removed.

Discovered the recipe for a healthier hash

Dietitian Elena Solomatina told how to cook hodgepodge.

"Okroshka it is advisable to do from natural ingredients. Brew need to take natural or hand-made from the bread crusts, raisins, to make the wort. To put less sugar," said Solomatin in an interview with radio station "Moscow speaking".

Disclosed the secret of wholesome fast food

If the show imagination, you can eat familiar fast food with minimal health effects. How to make safe fast food or to transform the already finished, he said in an interview with radio Sputnik nutritionist Elena Solomatina.

You can make "sweets", to which we are accustomed, to protect themselves from large amounts of TRANS fats, sugar, salt, said Elena Solomatina. In an interview with radio Sputnik nutritionist told how to cook healthy fast food at home.