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Elena Malysheva is stuck in the US

Doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva stuck in the USA due to the cancellation of direct flights to Russia. She announced this in Instagram.

She spends a vacation in the United States visiting children and grandchildren.

"This is unacceptable": Malysheva told, who don't wear masks

Children should not wear masks, said the doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva in instagram.

So she answered the request of the subscribers will in the comments to one of the publications to estimate published in Kazakhstan, the decision to wear masks on newborns. As reports Sputnik Kazakhstan, informed the head of the Ministry Alexey Tsoy has declared that the wearing of this means of self-defense is necessary for all ages.

Malyshev told about "paralyzed by fear" new York

TV presenter and doctor Elena Malysheva in his Instagram said that the US is "paralyzed by fear" because of the pandemic.

According to her, it is closed "totally all", people wear masks, and the transmission on Russian radio COVID-19. In particular, she described the situation in new York.

Called ways to save the charred skin

MOSCOW, 7 Feb - RIA Novosti. How to bring the skin and prevent peeling if you are burned by the sun, said in an interview with radio Sputnik, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, the doctor the dermatologist-the cosmetician Svetlana Gabueva.

In warm seasons under the action of ultraviolet radiation is easy to damage the skin and to burn: the skin reddens, becomes sensitive, and after a while starts to peel off. What to do if you are burned by the sun, said in an interview with radio Sputnik, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, the doctor the dermatologist-cosmetician, Director of the clinic of anti-aging medicine Medical center Elena Malysheva Svetlana Gabueva.

Malyshev told what drugs are saving lives in the coronavirus

Honored doctor of Russia, TV presenter Elena Malysheva said on instagram that helped her 87 year old mother to overcome coronavirus infection.

The physician noted that Galina has spent more than a month in the hospital and two weeks in intensive care. According to Malysheva, the pensioner was at risk.

Malysheva showed ill COVID-19 mother

Doctor of medical science and TV presenter Elena Malysheva in Instagram posted a video involving his survivors coronavirus mother, who is also a doctor.

The video also notes that the woman was in the hospital for over a month. Family Malysheva delighted to have her return home. Also, the TV presenter and her mother, congratulated doctors on their professional holiday.

"Covered in feathers": the Vine again told a joke Kirkorov

Musician and composer Yuri Loza live shows "You wouldn't believe!" on NTV again criticized Philip Kirkorov, who called him "appendicitis".

The musician said that he does not understand why a man, in principle, thought about it.

Malysheva assessed the number of asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus

Have at least half of all carriers of the coronavirus has no symptoms of the disease, said the doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva.

So she responded in the comments on instagram on the issue subscribers will on asymptomatic carriers of the pathogen COVID-19 in other countries.