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Greenpeace will pay a fine for protesting on the rig of BP in Britain

The court in Edinburgh fined the organization for the protection of the environment Greenpeace UK 80 thousand pounds for the protest, arranged on the rig to British oil company BP in the North sea last year, follows from the decision of the court.

According to the court, the Transocean Drilling company that services oil rigs in the North sea, in June last year, received a court decision prohibiting environmental activists and volunteers to get on the installation or to approach them closer than 500 metres.

Appeared the first reviews of the Comedy "Eurovision: a History of fire Saga"

In the Network, viewers and critics left the first reviews of Comedy Netflix the Eurovision song contest: History of fire Saga" about the popular music competition with will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams in the lead roles.

On the aggregator web site dedicated to the collection of reviews Rotten Tomatoes, the film David Dobkin received a 56 percent "freshness" (for this film resource is considered successful when it receives from viewers and critics 60 percent positive reviews, and more. — Approx.ed.) is the average result.

Greece is ready to cancel the quarantine for some travelers

The Greek authorities are ready to cancel the quarantine for tourists coming from safe places, according to the Sun.

In the country are discussing the possibility of failure from a week of quarantine, for example, for the British, departing from the cities, happy to the coronavirus. Thus, according to the European aviation safety Agency (EASA), among these include flights from Belfast, Bristol, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, London, Southampton and Cardiff.