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The main hearings on the case Assange will be in full-time mode

Hearings on the extradition case in the United States of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, scheduled for early September, will be in full-time mode, the defendant must be present in the courtroom, said the judge of the magistrates court in Westminster Vanessa Baraitser.

On Monday held another administrative hearing on the case Assange. The interests of the defendant were represented by attorneys Edward Fitzgerald and mark summers. The meeting started without the presence of Assange, however, the judge demanded that the defendant watched the hearings via video link and adjourned in order that the officers could provide video session with the court. Assange joined the hearing from a special room from Belmarsh prison: he looked tired, stooping once sneezed. He was wearing a beige sweater and pink shirt, Assange was without a mask.

The lawyer believes that it is possible Assange extradition unjust

Alleged surveillance of Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, which was conducted by the Spanish firm Undercover Global (Global UC) initially makes it unlawful for his possible extradition to the US, said the coordinator of protection of founder Wikileaks, former judge Baltasar Garzon.

On Monday, a group of lawyers of Assange, and a former Consul of Ecuador in London give the National court of Spain testimony on alleged espionage in the Embassy of Ecuador in the British capital. In addition to Garson's testimony in this case should give Fidel narváez, former Consul of Ecuador in London, the lawyer and the bride Assange, the mother of his two children, Stella Morris, who arrived to court, and lawyers Gareth Peirce (Gareth Peirce) and Jennifer Robinson, which the judge will interview via video link, reported RIA Novosti a source close to Garson.

Assange lawyers testify in the case of wiretapping the Embassy

The legal team of Julian Assange, including the coordinator of his defense, the former judge Baltasar Garzon, gives Monday's testimony in the National court of Spain in connection with the case of alleged wiretapping in the Ecuador Embassy in London WikiLeaks founder, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Testimony in National court in this case should give former Consul of Ecuador in London, Fidel narváez, the lawyer and the bride Assange, the mother of his two children of Stella Morris and lawyers Gareth Peirce (Gareth Peirce) and Jennifer Robinson, told RIA Novosti a source close to Garson.

Ecuador warned that they are determined to protect the waters of the Galapagos

The government of Ecuador has warned the authorities of China and other countries engaged in fishing in the Pacific that it intends to protect its Maritime rights around the Galapagos Islands.

The Department explained that we are talking about the protection of the special economic zone in the Pacific ocean and the habitat of many unique species of fish and wildlife, threatened by illegal and unregulated fishing.

Julian Assange received the Stuttgart peace prize

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been awarded Stuttgart peace prize for the year 2020, according to a press release from civil society AnStifter (it. - the instigator), established the prize.

The award to Assange is "a sign that the right to unconditional freedom of information and freedom of the press should not only protect, but also to realize", said the Chairman of the AnStifter Annette ome-Reinicke.

The Galapagos Islands opened to tourists

The Ministry of environment of Ecuador has announced the opening of the national Park and marine reserve of the Galapagos Islands closed because of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus.

"The Ministry of environment and water resources announced the resumption of visits to the Galapagos national Park and marine reserve", - stated in the message published in the microblog Twitter of the Ministry.

The number of victims of coronavirus in Ecuador exceed five thousand

The number of victims of coronavirus in Ecuador has exceeded 5 thousand, has infected more than 67 thousand people, according to the Ministry of health of the country.

Daily gain of patients was 1408 people, the total number of cases reached 67209. The number of victims from confirmed COVID-19 is 5031, while the analyses are 3305 people who have suspected the presence of coronavirus, are in the works. Recovered 5 of 900 patients.

Media: Minister of foreign Affairs of Ecuador has resigned

The foreign Minister of Ecuador, josé Valencia, who held the post for two years, has resigned, according to the newspaper Comercio.

Valencia stressed that his decision is not connected with the resignation of the Vice-President Otto Sonnenkeller, which became known on Tuesday.

Vice-President of Ecuador resigned

Vice-President of Ecuador Otto Sonnenkeller resigned, said the politician in the video message.

"It's a difficult decision, it would be convenient to stay here (in the posts), but I've never done that I prefer, so I decided to leave," he said.

More than 1.2 thousand indigenous inhabitants of the Ecuadorian Amazon ill COVID-19

The number of cases infected with coronavirus new type among the indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Amazon has exceeded 1.2 thousand, according to the Confederation of indigenous nationalities of Ecuador on Twitter.

According to the Confederation, to the present time was recorded 1276 cases COVID-19 among the indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon, 37 people died. It was 622 cases of suspected coronavirus, 116 recovered. There were 2734 test.

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