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Belarus plans to create a low-cost airline

Low-cost airline plans to create in Belarus, reported the Minister of transport and communications Alexei Avramenko.

"We thought about creating, say, the second Belarusian company (after the "Belavia" - ed.) more than budget for the development of competition and passenger traffic. First Grodno direction under consideration, the airport "Grodno" and "Airline Grodno". So in the near future we will take a decision on the development of this type of transportation," said Avramenko in an interview to the STV channel, which is shown on Sunday.

Economic confrontation in the world will affect Russia, says Putin

The confrontation on the global economic stage, expressed in the introduction by several countries of different kinds of restrictions and sanctions will affect Russia, but not drastically, because Russia has a huge potential growth, said the President of the country Vladimir Putin.

Speaking in an interview on TV channel "Russia 1" on imposed by Washington against a number of countries, including Russia, the sanctions, he expressed confidence that the crisis in the international economic arena will continue. According to him, "this is due to the reluctance of some countries to accept that appear or have appeared effective global competitors."

To support cruise shipping companies will receive 320 million rubles

The government of Russia will spend 320 million rubles for subsidies to shipping companies which are engaged in sea and river cruises, the corresponding order is published on the website of the Cabinet.

"By order of the Chairman of the government Michael mishustina 320 million roubles will be allocated for subsidies to shipping companies engaged in Maritime and river cruises. The money they can spend on payments on lease contracts", - stated in the message.

Named the most popular foreign cars in Russia

KIA Rio became the most popular among Russians foreign car, for the first half of 2020, the country has sold 36 416 cars of this model, according to the Agency "AUTOSTAT".

Second and third place of the rating took Hyundai Creta (29 554 sold cars) and Volkswagen Polo (21341).

Mishustin approved the "road map" for the business climate in the sphere of management

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin has approved a road map for the transformation of the business climate in the sphere of corporate governance, the press service of the Cabinet.

"The most important provisions of corporate regulation would be updated taking into account the needs of the business community. To this end, the Chairman of the government Mikhail Mishustin has approved a road map for the transformation of the business climate (TDK) in the field of corporate governance", - stated in the message.

Tube terminals, naive Europeans, and the insidious Chinese

At key rail terminals to container shipments from China to Europe, there were enormous traffic jams. This, for example, Alashan, in the Xinjiang (where the train goes through Kazakhstan and Russia to Central Europe) and a few others. In China, the terminals proudly call the "land ports", show their foreign guests as an example of the use of artificial intelligence and other new technologies in organization of logistic process. And now, even artificial intelligence is not helping.

Namely, through the Alashan to Europe in that year went to ten trains a day, now 19, and still a part of them is delayed, the graphics are broken. Chinanski terminal in XI'an this year has already sent almost twice as many trains on the European direction than last year. That's when I remembered that there was a plan for the development and construction of Railways in Europe (2016-2019), which is fulfilled by 2018, and now the transportation load has increased by a third over itself.

Expert in PR told how companies should resolve the conflict with the client

The sensitivity shown by the company in a crisis situation, sometimes able to increase the loyalty of the public towards her, said in an interview with RIA Novosti British consultant on public relations Eugene Veranico.

In recent years, several well-known companies, both Russian and foreign, were in the center of large mediastinal.

The Russian economy is stagnating, Kudrin said

The Russian economy is now in a state of stagnation, which cannot be overcome without carrying out sufficient structural reforms, said the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin, speaking on Saturday from lecture to graduates of the Russian economic school (NES).

Kudrin said that, as Russia will have in the coming years to move fast from oil structure of the economy, it needs a much more significant investment in human capital: public spending on science and education, according to him, it is necessary to increase by 1% of GDP, and even for the same volume of expenditure on health.

The authorities should decisively deal with the crisis, Kudrin said

The government needs to act more decisively in combating the current crisis, providing more substantial support to the economy and population, said the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin, speaking on Saturday from lecture to graduates of the Russian economic school (NES).

"We are a little slow to respond to the challenges of this crisis, which is not similar (to the crises of previous years - ed.) and our old formulas don't always work. That's why we need to act more decisively," said Kudrin.

Russian drug from COVID-19 will receive the first countries in Latin America

Brazil and Latin America, which sharply increases the number of people infected with coronavirus, the first to receive the drug "Aviewer," said the head of the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev.

"We have received a request from more than 50 countries, and definitely a priority for us are those countries where sharply increasing number of coronavirus infections. This, of course, Brazil and many other Latin American countries," said Dmitriev in an interview via Skype on the channel "Russia 1".

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