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In Buryatia began large-scale exercises TSB

Large-scale bilateral exercises with combat shooting, which attracted more than 4 thousand soldiers of the Eastern military district (TSB), was launched on Monday at the site "Tsugol" in Buryatia, the press service of the district.

"Troops of the two motorized infantry formations military associations TSB from Zabaykalsky Krai and the Republic of Buryatia take part in a massive two-sided tactical exercises with combat shooting, which began on 20 July in the site "Tsugol". Attracted more than 4 thousand servicemen and more than 600 pieces of military equipment", - stated in the message.

The best operators of the UAV is recognized as a military BBO

The best operators of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the armed forces of the Russian Federation recognized the soldiers of the Eastern military district. This was reported on Saturday to journalists by the defense Ministry.

As noted in Department, on the ground Lartsevy Glade artillery join the Western military district, the closing of the all-army phase of the competition on the training of calculations of drones "falconry". "In the General offset following the results of all exercises is considered as the best team of the Eastern military district," - said the defense Ministry.