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The Euro exceeded $ 87 rubles

The official Euro to ruble set by the Central Bank on the weekend and Monday, increased by 1,036 ruble — to 87,2889 of the ruble, the national Bank reported.

The dollar increased by 6.28 pennies to 73,4261 ruble

Experts told whether to expect the Euro to $ 90

The Euro a few overheated, and while we should not expect its strengthening in the area of $ 90, believe polled by RIA Novosti experts.

The Euro on Monday updated its maximum since April, rising to 84.48 ruble. On Forex the European currency highs from September 2018 and has already been raised earlier in the week to 1,1764 dollar.

The Euro rose to 82 percent for may

Ruble strengthens decline against the background of negative dynamics of the oil market, the Euro is trading less than 82 rubles, according to data from the Moscow exchange.

The dollar calculations "tomorrow" at 12: 00 MSK increased by 34 kopecks to 71,87 of the ruble, the Euro rate – 56 cents, to 82,05 of the ruble, which is the highest since may 4.

Experts have told that worse for the ruble: the risks of sanctions or COVID

Russia for several years already more or less adapted to the sanctions, therefore, the risks of a second wave of coronavirus and new quarantine measures are more dangerous to the ruble than the possible new Western sanctions against Russia, believe polled by RIA Novosti experts.

Currently the exchange rate is affected by several factors: oil prices, output non-residents of the OFZ, coronavirus and possible sanctions because of the "Nord stream -2", says head of personal brokerage services "BCS" Sergei Kuchin.

A number of Russian banks have registered a growth in the average check at currency exchange

The appetite of Russians to foreign exchange increases as the easing of quarantine measures, showed a survey of credit institutions conducted by RIA Novosti: a number of large banks noted a significant increase in an average bill for such operations due to cancellation of the regime of self-isolation. Still grow he can with the opening of borders and starting of international flights, however, banks warn that there are big surprises should not wait.

Sberbank, however, significant fluctuations in the average check is not fixed. "In June this year, the average amount of a single exchange transaction corresponds to the average amount of similar operations in the period of self-isolation and exceeds a similar indicator of last year by 60%", - reported in the largest Russian Bank.

Banks do not plan in near future to change the rates on foreign currency deposits

Russian banks in the near future do not plan to renegotiate the terms of foreign currency deposits for the population, the survey of credit institutions conducted by RIA Novosti.

In Russia there is a ban on negative Deposit rates. In the past year, large banks lowered rates of deposits in Euro to a symbolic 0.01% per annum or abandons them. Some players have even introduced a fee for maintenance of accounts in Euro for major clients-individuals.

The ruble has updated the lows since spring

The ruble has significantly reduced the dollar and Euro amid falling oil prices.

American currency calculations "tomorrow" on 21:04 GMT rising 94 cents, to 71.5 ruble, the Euro by 1.04 ruble to 80,37 of the ruble, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange.

The Ministry explained why I try not to spend NWF

The Finance Ministry has accumulated in the national welfare Fund (NWF), more than 12 trillion rubles, however, to Finance overheads prefers to increase borrowing, rather than spending the resources of the Fund, as it sees risks, including stability of the ruble, said Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Kolychev.

The amount of the Fund on June 1, was 12,161 trillion rubles.

The Finance Ministry has no plans to change the currency structure of the NWF

The Finance Ministry has no plans to change the currency structure of the national welfare Fund (NWF), Deputy Minister of Finance Vladimir Kolychev.

"I think we all realized. That is, we did it more like the structure of foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank. Additional changes not yet discussed", - he told journalists, answering the question about the change in the currency structure of the Fund.

The expert predicted the ruble to the end of the year

The dollar could soon return to the mark of 60 rubles, because the difference between inflation in Russia and in the United States is declining, and the budget policy to protect the domestic currency from the impact of severe fluctuations in oil prices, said in an interview with RIA Novosti President of the Russian division of the international Association of professionals foreign exchange and money markets ACI Russia Sergey Romanchuk.

At the same time, the expert noted that although during the year it is possible to see the rate of 60 to 63 rubles per dollar, but he can't say that this is the most likely option.

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