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Media: Johnson will revise a number of laws amid concerns over Russia

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going to revise the laws of treason, state secrets and espionage amid fears over the "interference" of Russia in British policy and deteriorating relations with China, reports the Daily Mail newspaper, citing sources.

It is expected that changes in the law of treason would make criminal those who swear allegiance to a foreign state and trying to enter the UK or operating in the territory of the country. In case of acceptance of amendments it will become a most serious revision of the law of treason from 1695 and allow you to get rid of legal loopholes in the law.

The US wants to create a coalition to combat the "China threat"

The US wants to create a coalition to combat the "China threat", said us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

"U.S. wants all sovereign States recognized the threat posed by China and the Communist party of China. All countries should respond to the behavior of China... We think that the whole world must work together in order to support and strengthen the system of international relations," Pompeo said at a press conference in London on Tuesday.

The Cabinet has stated that there is no evidence of "broad" Russian intervention

The UK government noted the lack of evidence of a wide of RF interference in the British elections, but noted that any attempt to interfere was unacceptable.

"Although evidence of a large-scale campaign against Russian elections there, any attempt to interfere in our democratic process is totally unacceptable. Being criminally investigated, so to say anything else at this stage for us is inappropriate," - said in the text of the response of the government published on Tuesday a report on Russia's parliamentary intelligence Committee.

Raab has accused Russia of involvement in the cyber attacks on vaccine development

The British foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that Russian intelligence services were involved in cyberattacks against the developments of Western countries on the vaccine for the coronavirus, the Minister said Sunday, speaking on the TV channel Sky News.

"We are quite sure that Russian intelligence agencies were involved in cyber attacks on development (vaccines) and the organization in this country and abroad with the purpose or Subversion, or to benefit from the ongoing research activities", - said the Minister, adding that this is part of a systematic approach on the part of Russia to cybersphere.

Britain needs strong evidence of "interference" of Russia, said UKIP

The UK after the "extraordinary statements" about the alleged "interference" of Russia in the parliamentary elections of 2019 need to submit the "extraordinary proof" of this, said to RIA Novosti, the leader of the British independence Party (UKIP) Freddy Vacha.

"It is a strong and extreme statement, and, like all extreme statements, it requires extraordinary evidence. I expect to see such evidence, while I did not see them. But I also recognize that due to issues related to national security and secrecy, their publication can be an impossible task," he said.

Peskov: Russia rejects interference in elections in any country

Russia categorically rejects interference in elections in any country and, in particular, in the UK, said press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov

"We are consistently categorically deny any possible involvement of the Russian Federation to the interventions in the elections of any country, including the UK. And we categorically reject any allegations about the election in Britain of 2019," - said Peskov reporters.

The US and Britain will seek a replacement equipment of Huawei for 5G networks

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Minister for foreign Affairs of great Britain Dominique Raab discussed the ban of London on the use of China's Huawei technologies in 5G networks, said in a statement the state Department.

"The Secretary and foreign Minister agreed to work together to promote the development of additional, credible solutions for 5G", - stated in the message.

The Embassy has vowed Britain about intervention of Russia in election

Russia has not interfered and will not interfere in the internal Affairs of great Britain, said RIA Novosti the representative of the Russian Embassy in London in response to a request to comment on statements of the head of the foreign office of Dominic Raab.

The British foreign Secretary in a written statement to Parliament says that some "Russian players" is "almost certainly" tried to intervene in the British elections of 2019, on this fact opened a criminal investigation. In particular, Mr. Raab reported that unlawfully were produced and disseminated on the Internet secret documents related to the free trade agreement between the UK and the USA. After this had no result, the Minister said, "there have been further attempts to move illegally obtained materials online ahead of the General election."

Embassy in London has called the allegations about the cyber threat propaganda

The Russian Embassy in London believes that the statements of British foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on cyber threats from the Russian Federation is not a manifestation of the concerns of computer security, and propaganda step, said RIA Novosti the representative of the Embassy.

"Therefore, we are dealing not with genuine concern about computer security, and from a purely propagandistic step," he said.

The expert commented on the new accusations against Britain in Russia

Statements Britain about the alleged Russian interference in parliamentary elections in 2019 and the attempt associated with Moscow hackers to steal in Britain, USA and Canada information about vaccine development from COVID-19 speak of the difficulties experienced by the Western community, and internal contradictions, said RIA Novosti member of the Council on foreign and defense policy, Minister Counsellor of the Russian Embassy in the UK (2011-2017) Alexander Kramarenko.

The British foreign Secretary Dominic Raab in a written statement to Parliament says that Russia "almost certainly" tried to intervene in the British elections of 2019, on this fact opened a criminal investigation. In addition, the cyber security Centre of the United Kingdom stated that allegedly associated with Russian hackers tried to steal in Britain, USA and Canada information about vaccine development from COVID-19.

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