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The economist praised the new composition of the Parliament of Syria

The new composition of the National Council of Syria says about the departure from the traditional conservative power relations to political processes and the capture rate to stabilize the economy through the development of agriculture and production, said Lebanese Professor in Economics and management Ahmad Zane.

In Syria July 19, parliamentary elections were held, which resulted in the new composition of the National Council includes 184 members of the bloc "National unity" headed by the ruling Arab Baath socialist Party - the Baath. Independent candidates received 66 seats.

In Syria, the parliamentary elections ended

The polls in elections to the national Council (Parliament) of Syria was closed in all provinces, according to the Syrian Agency of the state television and radio broadcasting.

"Closed in all provinces all polling stations on elections of the people's Council of the third convocation after extending the time of voting by four hours", - reported in the statement of the Supreme judicial Committee for elections.

In Syria will be the third since the war began a parliamentary election

Elections to the people's Council of Syria, the third since the war began, will be held on Sunday.

The elections, originally scheduled for April, was postponed to July 19 due to pandemic coronavirus infection. For 250 parliamentary seats will fight over 1.6 thousand candidates.

In the state Duma hope to continue working with the new people's Council of Syria

"The friendship group with Russia" will continue to work with the new composition of the people's Council of Syria in previously established directions. The new Parliament of the SAR is able to work for change for the better in spite of difficult economic conditions, told RIA Novosti coordinator of the State Duma for relations with the Syrian Parliament Dmitry Sablin.

Elections to the people's Council of Syria will be held on July 19. The country's leadership was forced to postpone their April in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. Only in the electoral race will involve more than 1.6 thousand candidates.