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The Russian Ambassador said the opening of the border with Belarus

Limitations of mutual entry and exit of citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus imposed over COVID-19 can be withdrawn in the summer of this year, said in an online interview to journalists the Ambassador of Russia in Minsk Dmitry Mezentsev.

Earlier, the Belarusian Ambassador to Russia Uladzimir Syamashka said that the Russian side cancels introduced due COVID-19 restrictions on movement across the border with Belarus in late July - early August.

In Belarus, about seven thousand Russians voted for amendments

About seven thousand Russian citizens voted for amendments to the Constitution at the polling stations in Belarus, the number could still rise, said Russian Ambassador in Minsk Dmitry Mezentsev.

Voting on amendments to the Constitution, he said, "departed from the scheme, in which the sections should be only in the General Consulate in Brest and the Russian Embassy in Minsk".

The Russian Ambassador responded to Lukashenka's words about "interference" in the Affairs of Minsk

Talk about the fact that Moscow had allegedly interfered in the internal Affairs of Minsk in the current election campaign, are not serious, they do not have even a minimum of any grounds, said on Tuesday the Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev.

Earlier the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said he plans to discuss with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin outside interference in elections in the Republic. Lukashenko, in particular, noted that opponents of the current Belarusian authorities are "puppeteers" who "and live in Poland, and from Russia to throw up". Lukashenka did not specify his words, but even before that, the state control Committee (SCC) of the Republic, commenting on the criminal "the case of Belgazprombank", talked about "puppeteers" from among the "big bosses "Gazprom", and maybe higher." Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the accusations against Russian companies on the part of Minsk is unfounded, the economic interests of the giants are under the protection of the Russian Federation.

Russia's Ambassador in Minsk called upon the CIS countries to unite on the background COVID-19

Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev called on CIS States to cohesion against the background of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, according to him, this situation "reshapes" external markets and forces, leaders of several countries in another way to articulate their interests, to achieve a "new positioning".

Mezentsev on Wednesday participated in the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Our common Victory" in the Belarusian state Museum of the great Patriotic war, it is dedicated to the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory. The exhibition presents materials on the participation of representatives of all the Commonwealth countries in key military operations (Battle for Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk, Battle of the Dnieper, operation "Bagration") as well as on other aspects of life of the CIS countries in the period of the partisan movement, Soviet rear seal.

The Russian Ambassador made attempts by other countries to divide Moscow and Minsk

Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev admitted that third countries are attempting to divide Russia and Belarus, and in future such attempts will be more "tough and elegant".

"(Young people) don't understand the tension and the threats that can arise if we lose and the defence potential of our relations in the CSTO. And, most importantly, allow yourself to think that you can tear Russia from Belarus, and Belarus from Russia", - said Mezentsev during an online-conference, devoted to prospects of development of Russian-Belarusian relations.

The Ambassador of Russia has accused the West writing "textbook" for Belarus

The statement of the diplomatic missions of the USA, the UK and the EU on the elections in Belarus more resembles a textbook for negligent student, it seems strange, said Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev.

"Yesterday issued a statement of the embassies of the US, UK and several EU countries, which are accredited here in Minsk. This statement relates to how Belarus should organize their presidential elections... This text reminds of the tutorial that should read attentive student. And God forbid he not follow what is written there. The appeal in this form to a sovereign and independent state, active and very successful participant of the international associations and organizations - at least looks strange," said Mezentsev during the online conference "Russia and Belarus: the future after the pandemic."

Russia's Ambassador in Minsk said that the West continues the strategy Brzezinski

The West continues a strategy known geopolitics, former US presidential Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski for the separation of Belarus from Russia, says Russian Ambassador in Minsk Dmitry Mezentsev.

On the eve of the diplomatic mission of great Britain and the EU urged the Belarusian authorities to ensure the conduct of safe, free presidential elections with observance of fundamental freedoms, they also expect to be invited to the country by international observers.