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The alleged killer of Russians in Austria will stay in prison until 2021

The alleged killer of Chechen blogger in Austria until 2021 will be in prison for another crime, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti the representative of Prosecutor's office of Korneuburg.

"He will serve his sentence until January 2021. If criminal proceedings on the murder case in Gerasdorf is completed, the court will decide whether to leave him in prison," he added.

Austria has extended a ban on passenger flights from a number of countries

The Austrian authorities have extended from 15 to 31 July, the ban on scheduled passenger air service with a number of countries, including Russia, because of the situation with coronavirus, stated in the decree of the Ministry of social Affairs, health and consumer protection of Austria.

Austria has suspended flights to Russia from March 17.

The police did not rule out that the murder of the Russians in Vienna quarrel

Austrian police does not exclude that the murder of a Chechen blogger at Vienna was custom-made or occurred because of a quarrel, said on Thursday the representative of police of lower Austria Johan Baumschlager.

"We do not exclude that, on the one hand, we are talking about the contract killing, on the other - could ignite a quarrel," said Baumschlager at a press conference.

The Embassy in Austria 39,36% of Russians supported the amendments to the Constitution

At a polling station in the Embassy of Russia in Austria the majority of citizens voted against the amendments to the Constitution, the amendment was supported by more than 39%, said the Ambassador of Russia Dmitry lubinsky.

According to the results of voting held on 1 July from 8.00 to 20.00 (9.00-21.00 MSK), participated 1251 citizen of the Russian Federation.

In the Russian Embassy in Vienna held a vote on the amendments

Voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation on Wednesday held at the Russian Embassy in Vienna.

Voting in the Embassy building at 45-47 Reisnerstrasse started at 8.00. First the voice was given by the Ambassador of Russia in Austria Dmitry lubinsky.

The Ambassador called photo US consultations with Russia in Vienna staged

The Ambassador of Russia in Austria Dmitry lubinsky reported RIA Novosti, the negotiations on the Russian-American bilateral consultations was not and could not be flags of China because of the bilateral meeting between Russia and the United States.

Russian-American consultations on strategic stability in the past week in Vienna, the Russian delegation is headed by Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov, us - special envoy of the U.S. President for arms control Marshall Billingsley.

The Ambassador of Russia in Austria commented on the situation with the "Northern stream — 2"

The project "Northern stream - 2" remains at the heart of the Russian-Austrian energy dialogue with the political support of both parties, said Tuesday the Ambassador of Russia in Austria Dmitry lubinsky.

"Energy companies "Gazprom" and OMV are cooperating closely for more than 50 years, and the project of the pipeline "Nord stream - 2", in which OMV is active investing, remains in the center of the Russian-Austrian energy dialogue. With the political support of both parties", - said the Ambassador in an online event, organized by the Austrian-Russian friendship society in Vienna.

Russian Ambassador hopes to resume flights to Austria by August

The Ambassador of Russia in Austria Dmitry lubinsky expressed the hope that in July - early August, you can count on the resumption of flights between Russia and Austria.

Austria since March 17, has suspended flights to Russia because of the situation with coronavirus.