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In Sevastopol reacted to the protest of Kiev from-for the naval parade

The Deputy of the state Duma from region of Sevastopol Dmitry Belik said that the next protest note to the Ukrainian foreign Ministry regarding the conduct of the naval parade was seen as a kind of greeting.

In Sevastopol on July 26, was held a parade of ships and military-sports holiday devoted to Day of Navy of Russia. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, in turn, handed a protest note to the Russian Embassy because of the parade "without the consent of the Ukrainian side," and "violations of international law."

In Sevastopol, patrol ship "Smetliviy" will become a Museum

New historical landmark will appear in Sevastopol: a patrol ship of the first rank (TFR, according to the classification frigate) "Sharp-witted" black sea fleet will soon become a Museum ship, told RIA Novosti on Monday the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation from Sevastopol Dmitry Belik.

Earlier, the opening of this Museum was scheduled for may 9 this year, however, the pandemic COVID-19 has made adjustments to these plans.

In the state Duma urged to clean the ships of Ukrainian Navy from Sevastopol

The ships and vessels of the naval forces of Ukraine need to be relocated from Sevastopol, as they occupy the waterfront of the main base of the black sea fleet (BSF) required for the deployment of new Russian ships, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday the Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Belik.

He commented on the publication about the plans of command of the black sea fleet to relocate the ships and vessels of the Ukrainian Navy from Sevastopol, Donuzlav (black sea fleet base in 100 kilometers to the North from Sevastopol).