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Named disease that increases the risk of death during the coronavirus in 12 times

Diabetes can increase the risk of death in COVID-19 to 12 times, according to the portal MedicalXpress with reference to the Centres at the counter and prevention of diseases of the USA.

It is noted that infected by coronavirus diabetics are also six times more likely to require hospitalization. Also, according to the portal, the statistics collected for several months of the pandemic, have shown that diabetes is on the second place according to the severity of complications COVID-19 after cardiovascular diseases.

Not only the lungs. The doctor warned about the consequences COVID-19

After suffering a coronavirus infection patients may face several long-term disorders in the body, including cardiovascular disease, endocrine and psycho-neurological consequences, told RT the head of the Department of medical rehabilitation sechenovskiy University Konstantin thorns.

"COVID-19, as ordinary pneumonia, when you were ill, got up and went further. Often the disease is associated with severe intoxication and fever, which is not reduced. All this is a huge loss for health," he explained.

Scientists have figured out what product prevents the development of diabetes

According to the study, which was conducted by scientists of the three countries that cinnamon improves blood sugar control in people with prediabetes and can slow the progression of it to type II diabetes. The paper was published in the journal of the Endocrine Society.

Endocrinologists from Joslin diabetes center in Boston, USA — the world's largest research center for the study of diabetes — together with German colleagues from the Regional medical center, Landstuhl and scientists from the University Kyung-Hee in Seoul, South Korea conducted a randomized clinical trial the effect of supplementation with cinnamon on blood sugar control in people with advanced stage of diabetes.

Scientists have found a link between stress hormone and blood sugar levels

American doctors discovered the link between cortisol levels and high blood sugar in people with type II diabetes. The study is published in the journal psychoneuroendocrinology is.

Scientists from the medical center of the Wexner of Ohio state University and the medical College of Ohio conducted a study among people with type II diabetes and depression at the same time, and found that these diseases are interrelated. The authors found in these patients, a clear relationship between the levels of the stress hormone cortisol and glucose.

The doctor told me how to identify cancer by smell

Unusual body odor can be a sign of destructive processes in the body, or malfunction of certain organs, said the TV channel "Russia 1" the doctor-the dermatologist Irina Skorohodova.

She told me that often when cancer man begins to sweat, and the body forming a specific "smell of stale meat."