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The head of the district of Dagestan accused of fraud in especially large size

Against the head of the Derbent district of Dagestan, filed a case of fraud with the earth at more than 200 million rubles, reported on the website of the RF IC.

According to investigators, in may 2018, the suspect had created a criminal group with the aim of illicit enrichment by fraud.

Bastrykin ordered to determine the causes of the conflict in Dagestan

Chairman SK the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin has instructed the head SUCK in the North Caucasus Federal to help investigators from Dagestan to find out the causes of the conflict in the camp and to report at the earliest, said the official representative of Department Svetlana Petrenko.

Previously the acting head of the Derbent region, Fuad Sagiev told RIA Novosti that the citizens of Azerbaijan attacked four police officers smashed their car due to being unable to return home in a pandemic COVID-19. At night, the situation stabilized. According to the UK, as a result of the incident injured seven law enforcement officers, damaged five official vehicles, some 90 Azerbaijani citizens taken to the police Department conducted the test.

In Dagestan, launched 150 seats for the accommodation of citizens of Azerbaijan

The team members also deployed 150 mobile field camp in the Magaramkentsky district of Dagestan, for the accommodation of the citizens of Azerbaijan who are temporarily unable to get home due to limitations in pandemic coronavirus, reported RIA Novosti on Sunday representative of the emergency services.

Earlier it was reported that on may 14 at the border of the Derbent and magaramkentsky districts earned a temporary accommodation and food for the citizens of Azerbaijan with a total capacity of 210 people who can't get home after the temporary closure of the state border of coronavirus. In the camp deployed 15 tents as well as tents and canteens. Temporary accommodation and catering is equipped with two field kitchens, water trucks with potable and technical water. In addition, the camp act and fire station and medical aid on the basis of the Central hospital of Derbent district.