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RBC: the CPS has called the country that can resume flights

The CPS has proposed to resume air services with several countries, according to RBC with reference to the letter of the Deputy head of the Department Mikhail Orlov, which he sent to the Federal air transport Agency and the transport Ministry.

The document stated Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Finland, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Mongolia.

The Danes were allowed to gather up to a hundred people

The Danish authorities within the framework of the gradual lifting of restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus, allowed the inhabitants of the country to gather up to 100 people, reports local newspaper the Copenhagen Post.

In mid-March against the background of the pandemic, the authorities introduced in Denmark, the ban on meetings with the participation of more than 10 people. The eighth of June, the limit on the number of participants in the gatherings were increased to 50 people. According to the previously announced plan, from August 8, residents will be allowed to gather up to 200 people.

Experts have warned about the risk of the delayed implementation of the "Nord stream — 2"

Spawning cod may delay the resumption of the construction of the "Nord stream — 2" in the waters of Denmark, according to analysts of investment company "Aton".

On the eve of Copenhagen issued an updated permit for the construction of a gas pipeline. Now with the implementation of the project will be to use sudo with anchor positioning. To work on the pipe laying will be back not earlier than 3 August, when completed the appeal period for this decision.

In Germany commented on the decision of Denmark on "to Northern stream — 2"

German experts assessed the resolution of Denmark to finish the construction of the pipeline "Nord stream — 2" in the territorial waters of the Kingdom with the help of new vessels.

Previously Danish energy Agency (DEA) has allowed to build the pipeline using the ships with the anchor positioning. They can be used both separately and in conjunction with vessels equipped with dynamic positioning system.

Russia is working on a vaccine from COVID-19,designed for animals

Scientists subordinate to the Rosselkhoznadzor Federal centre for animal health (fgbi "ARRIAH") in order to develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 for animals, according to the materials of the departmental publications of the Rosselkhoznadzor "veterinary and life".

The drug in the first place it is planned to recommend to the fur farms, where industrially bred animals are susceptible to new infection

Couple from UK travels around Europe in caravan

The UK since may last year romp through Europe in a caravan, according to Lonely Planet.

Travel in the camper and still allows to comply with the measures of social distancing and isolation, found a British couple Josh and Harriet. However, they went to meet the adventure back in may of last year.

Operator "Nord stream — 2" Denmark sent a new request through the courts

The operator of the project "2 Nord stream", Nord Stream AG 2, gave the Danish authorities the request for inclusion to the already obtained construction permit amendments involving the use of vessels with anchor positioning, told RIA Novosti press-service of the company.

"The company 2 the Nord Stream AG submitted a request for an amendment to the building permit as precautionary measures in accordance with the recommendations of the Danish energy Agency (DEA)", - said in the statement.

Finland from June 14 open borders for tourists from certain countries

The government of Finland will update on Thursday guidelines for foreign travel of citizens, allowing tourism with the Baltic States, Iceland, Denmark and Norway from June 14, according to the state broadcasting company YLE, citing a government source.

At the moment you can travel within the country.

Spanish police defused a group illegally supplying TV content

European law enforcement authorities have dismantled a gang that was involved in the delivery of content Internet TV IPTV two million customers worldwide, says the report of the National police of Spain.

The operation was conducted by Europol, Eurojust, Spain's national police and law enforcement agencies of some other European countries.

Expert: to evaluate the Swedish model of combating COVID-19 is possible in 1.5 years

The Swedish approach to measures to combat the spread of coronavirus based on the high level of trust between citizens and the state and may not be suitable for all countries, told RIA Novosti Director of the Stockholm international Institute for peace studies (SIPRI) Dan Smith.

The government of Sweden in contrast to many other countries did not impose strict lockdown due to the spread of the coronavirus in the country continued to operate kindergartens, primary schools, restaurants and fitness centers. Restrictive measures include inter alia the ban on meetings of more than 50 people, a cafe can't serve visitors to the stand, prohibited visits to nursing homes. Universities, secondary education schools and employees of companies, where possible, transferred to the remote mode. People are urged to respect the social distance and to avoid unnecessary social contacts.

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