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The pose of the pilot of the plane has caused controversy in the Network

Unusual posture of the pilot of domestic airlines during a flight has led to disputes among users of instagram.

The footage, shot from the cabin of a light aircraft captured the man sitting at the controls of the plane. Through the open door of the cabin shows that the pilot sits barefoot, placing one foot over the other.

In the security Council told, as the founder of the "White helmets" deceived the West

The founder of the "White helmets" James Le Mesure "years led by the nose" government of the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Secretary of the Russian security Council Aleksandr Venediktov.

"Was that led them ["White helmets"], a British national, James Le Mesure – a crook who was only interested in a luxurious life. He drove the nose of the authorities of the United States, Britain, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, received huge grants and they were ready to fabricate anything "sensational" materials. The result – the scandal, the high-profile trial, and this gentleman, according to the official version, he committed suicide," - said Venediktov.

"NATO vulnerable": a Danish journalist said the superweapon Russia

. The North Atlantic Alliance has nothing to oppose Russian hypersonic weapons in the Arctic, says a journalist for the Danish newspaper Berlingske Emile Rottwell.

According to him, the us airbase of Thule and Greenland as a whole "absolutely defenseless" in front of missile systems "Dagger".

Sweden removes restrictions on travel to several countries

The Swedish authorities from July 30 to take off introduced in connection with the coronavirus restrictions on travel to Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the country.

Previously, Sweden had already lifted restrictions on travel to Andorra, Belgium, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Monaco, Luxembourg, Germany and Hungary. The recommendation not to visit all the rest of the EU without the need extended to August 12.

Operator "Nord stream — 2" responded to reports about the suspension of work

The unfinished area of the "Nord stream-2" is not subject to seasonal restrictions of construction of the spawning cod, told RIA Novosti press-service of the operator of project Nord Stream AG 2.

Restrictions on work in the area of cod spawning overlap from July to August. They apply to construction in the Bornholm basin in the southwestern part of the Baltic sea.

The construction of "Nord stream – 2" prevented the cod-spawning

. The pipelayers for two weeks, can't get to work on the construction of the pipeline "Nord stream — 2" for spawning cod, he told the German radio station NDR Info.

It is noted that the Danish authorities have banned any construction work until the end of September.

The foreign Ministry of China told about the dialogue with Russia on resumption of flights

China maintains contact with Russia over the resumption of flights after the notification that the Russian Federation from July 15 to gradually lifts restrictions on international passenger air travel, said RIA Novosti in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the PRC.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said earlier about the beginning from July 15 the process of removing the limitations on international flights. According to her, flights to the countries with the most favourable sanitary-epidemiological conditions will be opened in the first stage of resumption of flights.

The expert assessed the results of the summit of EU leaders

Ended on Tuesday a summit of European Union harmonization package to support agroekonomika after the pandemic COVID-19 showed that the two countries enterprises there is a clear trust deficit, which continues to worsen, said RIA Novosti Deputy Dean of the faculty of world economy and world politics HSE Andrew Suzdaltsev.

In the night of Tuesday in Brussels ended a summit of EU leaders, which lasted since Friday. The leaders discussed the budget and the Fund for the recovery of the European economy from the crisis caused by the pandemic. The European Commission proposed 500 billion from the Fund to implement subsidies, 250 billion as loans. In the end, under the pressure of the "Thrifty four" - the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Austria - configuration of the Fund is different: 390 billion euros as subsidies, 360 billion as loans.

Murashko appreciated the need to resume international traffic

The resumption of international flights is necessary, but it should be accompanied by restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, said to journalists on Friday the head of the Ministry of health Michael Murashko.

Earlier it was reported that the CPS has written to the Ministry of transport and Rosaviation the list of 13 countries with which Russia may resume flights in the first phase. These countries may be considered as candidates for the resumption of flights in the first stage.

In Denmark found an unusual way to save money on heating houses

The government of the Danish city of Odense started to use for heating homes extra heat that generates the center server Facebook, reports Euronews.

Heat is a side effect of the work of the data centers where hundreds of servers that require continuous cooling. Heat produced is enough to heat seven thousand houses. All the necessary energy, the centre received from the wind turbines, therefore its contribution to climate change has always been quite large.

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