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David Beckham laugh Network by repeating the image of the cast of "Miami Vice"

English footballer and model David Beckham was amused users, posting instagram photos and video, which together with TV presenter and actor James Korden appears in a fancy retro-look.

In the picture the athlete and TV presenter posing in lush wigs, white suits and sunglasses with purple lenses. According to the Daily Mail, so they parodied the main characters from the American television series "Miami Vice", popular in the mid 1980-ies.

The son of Beckham at 21, married the daughter of a billionaire

The son of footballer David Beckham and singer Victoria Beckham Brooklyn married the daughter of a billionaire and the actress Nicola Peltz. This was reported by mother of the groom on instagram.

She wished the young people love and happiness for life.

Celebrities celebrated father's Day

. Many celebrities around the world celebrated father's Day by making posts on instagram.

So, David Beckham has put his children's black and white photo with father and wrote: "Thank you for the drive that you gave me, and the work ethic that leads to success".