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In Armenia the opposition has stated to the Prosecutor about the "usurpation of authority" of the COP

Three Armenian opposition party "prosperous Armenia, "homeland" and "Dashnaktsutiun" on Tuesday filed to the Prosecutor General's statement, accusing the representatives of state authorities usurping the powers of the constitutional court and the overthrow of the constitutional order in connection with the amendments to the Basic law, said the representative of the party "Fatherland" Arsen Babayan.

Earlier, the Armenian Parliament adopted the ruling faction of the "step" the draft amendments to the Constitution providing for the termination of powers of the head of the constitutional court, which will remain the judge of KS. The amendments also suggest the dismissal of constitutional court judges who together hold this position for at least 12 years. Thus, according to the amendments, the head of the COP Hrayr Tovmasyan is shifted from the position and powers of the three judges stop. Former Deputy speaker of the Parliament, former Minister of justice Arpine Hovhannisyan said that the government can't sack judges of the constitutional court, not yet amended the relevant article of the law.

Three opposition parties of Armenia established a working group for planning

Three Armenian opposition party "prosperous Armenia", "homeland" and "Dashnaktsutiun" - agreed to establish a working group to develop the programme of joint action, the official website of the party "Dashnaktsutyun".

It is noted that the meeting of the leaders of "prosperous Armenia" (Gagik Tsarukyan), "homeland" (Arthur Veneziana) and a representative of the Supreme body of the Armenian revolutionary Federation "Dashnaktsutiun" (Ishkhan Saghatelyan) was held on Wednesday, June 24.