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Vietnam has documented nine new cases of infection with coronavirus

Vietnamese physicians registered 9 new cases COVID-19 in the country, all new cases are associated with a cluster of infections that occurred in the seaside city of da Nang in the Central part of the country, informs on Thursday the Internet portal of the government of Vietnam.

Eight cases of infection discovered in da Nang, and one in the capital Hanoi, reports citing the Ministry of health of Vietnam.

Who commented on reports of a new strain of coronavirus in Vietnam

Flash COVID-19 in the Vietnamese da Nang did not cause concern among experts from the world health organization (who).

As reported by RIA Novosti the representative of who in Vietnam Kidon Park, discovered there is a strain of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is not different from other according to the degree of infectiousness.

In the Vietnamese da Nang has identified eight new cases of coronavirus

Eight new cases of infection with coronavirus infection COVID-19 registered physicians in the seaside city of da Nang in Central Vietnam, according to the Internet portal of the government of the country.

All the sick or visited hospitals in the city are either the relatives of patients in the hospital of da Nang.

Media reported about the possibility of new outbreaks of coronavirus in Vietnam

Another new outbreak of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Vietnam, the second in the country after the seaside city of da Nang, may occur in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, where the survey first patient with suspected coronavirus in three and a half months, said on Wednesday the online version of the newspaper VietnamExpress.

The patient, a man 23 years old, works at the pizzeria in the centre of Hanoi. After his hospitalization, the pizzeria was closed and disinfected, the authorities are compiling lists of persons in contact with the patient. According to the newspaper, after disinfection of the pizzeria ten it workers are indoors in masks, but the school has not yet resumed.

Consulate of Russia in Danang was closed to visitors because of COVID-19

The Russian Consulate in the Vietnamese resort of da Nang was closed to visitors because of the new flash COVID-19, about it it is reported on his page in Facebook.

"In connection with sharp deterioration of sanitary and epidemiological situation due to the spread of coronavirus infection in Danang and the introduction by local authorities of strict quarantine measures, as well as the inability to fully ensure the safety and health of visitors since July 29, 2020 limit the access of visitors to the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in da Nang," - said the Consulate.

In the Vietnamese da Nang found seven cases of infection COVID-19

Seven more cases of infection coronavirus infection COVID-19 registered Vietnamese physicians in the seaside city of da Nang in Central Vietnam and the neighboring province of Quang Nam, reported on Tuesday, the Internet portal of the government of the country.

New patients, all citizens of Vietnam, contracted from yet unknown sources. Three of them live in the provinces of Quang Nam, four in da Nang city. One patient, a woman of 29 years, the remaining six patients – three women and three men aged 56 to 71 years, the report said.

In Vietnam more than 15 thousand people were placed in quarantine

More than 15 thousand people in Vietnam in recent days has been quarantined because of new outbreaks COVID-19 in the coastal city of da Nang arrival in the country of export by the flights of several people infected with the coronavirus, said on Tuesday the Vietnamese state news Agency VNA.

Currently, 15 033 person quarantined due to the fact that recently been in contact with infected COVID or profit to Vietnam from areas with high contamination risk, the Agency said. It is noted that 322 people are quarantined in hospitals, 12 of 458 employees in state quarantine centers, 2 253 people on home quarantine.

Vietnam has suspended domestic flights to da Nang from coronavirus

The Ministry of transport of Vietnam announced the suspension of 15 days all internal flights to Danang and from there to the outbreak of coronavirus, according to the official portal of the government of the country.

"The Ministry of transport announced that all domestic passenger flights to and from da Nang will be suspended for 15 days, effective July 28," - said in the message.

Epidemiologist urged not to panic due to a new type of virus in Vietnam

No reason to panic because of coronavirus in Vietnam yet, in Russia, the restrictions imposed and to determine whether in Vietnam spreads new type of coronavirus, will be possible only after decoding of the genome sequence of the virus, reported RIA Novosti Deputy Director for science of Central research Institute of Epidemiology, corresponding member of RAS Alexander Gorelov.

"While the reasons for panic no, absolutely not... About the origin of a particular type or mutation strain may speak only when will whole genome sequencing," - told RIA Novosti Gorelov.

The Russians have not requested the diplomatic mission due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in da Nang

The Russians appealed to the Russian Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam and the Consulate General of Russia in da Nang in the outbreak in da Nang coronavirus infection, reported RIA Novosti diplomatic representatives of.

Previously, the online portal of the government of Vietnam announced that the outbreak coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the Vietnamese coastal city of da Nang and nearby provinces, where four cases of infection from unknown carriers of the infection for the last five days, caused by a new type of virus not previously seen in the country. The Vietnamese authorities have begun the evacuation of 80 thousand tourists from other provinces, coming to rest in da Nang. By order of the government, the tourists who wanted to relax in da Nang in late July – early August are routed to other resort areas.

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