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Ukrainian media explained why Kiev has little chance to return Donbass

. The longer Kiev is unable to end the civil conflict in the South-East of the country, the more the image of the enemy in the face of Ukraine is created for the residents of Donbass, writes "Apostrophe".

As noted in the article, in the fall of 2020 in the DNI and LC will go to school children born in 2014 just after the start of the war. They will grow up with thoughts of ominous Ukraine and APU, who are killing residents of Donbass. Just think and adolescents, whose school years were in the midst of conflict.

In the Donbass, there are additional measures ceasefire

Donbass and Kiev with Monday needs to cease fire and to put in place additional measures to maintain peace. They will act until the full settlement of the conflict in the region.

A package of additional measures was agreed at the meeting of the contact group on Wednesday and signed by the parties to the conflict. It includes a ban on conducting any type of fire, location of heavy weapons, offensive and subversive actions, and also provides for the disciplinary responsibility for violations of the agreements. It is expected that the implementation of these measures will ensure a full ceasefire in the Donbass.

Ukraine wanted to put "end" in negotiations with Russia in the Donbass

. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine commented on the requirement of Russia to intensify the implementation of the Minsk agreements. He reported about it in interview to the edition "Today".

In early July, German media reported that Moscow demands from Kiev until July 6 to submit the draft amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution in Minsk contact group and to accelerate the implementation of "formula Steinmeier" at the Donbass. As stated by the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, Russia did not put any ultimatums to the Ukrainian side, but Kiev had a long time to fulfill earlier commitments on the settlement in Donbass.

In DND, the number of cases COVID-19 increased to 1194

The number of identified cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19 in the self-proclaimed Donetsk people's Republic over the past day increased by 28, to 1194, announced Thursday in a press-service of the Ministry of health DND.

Previously, the Agency reported 1166 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in the territory of the Republic.

The Russian Ambassador said the reason for postponing the meeting "Norman format"

The position of Kiev pushes the prospect of holding the next summit "channel format", said in an interview with RIA Novosti, Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia in Germany Sergey Nechayev.

"Russia's position on prospects for the next summit meeting of leaders "channel format" unchanged. The internal conflict in the Donbass will help you to resolve a number of the measures, and full implementation of the Minsk agreements. The lack of real progress lies in the stubborn refusal of Kiev to engage in direct dialogue with Donetsk and Lugansk, which diminishes the prospects of the next "channel" summit," said Nechayev.

Pushkov appreciated the statement of the former Ukrainian Minister of the Donbass

Senator Alexei Pushkov agreed with the statement of the former Ukrainian justice Minister Elena Lukash on the impossibility of the return of the Donbass under the control of the Kiev authorities.

According to the politician, only a complete change of power in Ukraine can help in this matter.

Journalists have published a new video with witnesses of the crash MH17

The creators of the platform for independent journalists Media Bonanza, Jan Ereshova and Max van der Werff, the author of the documentary about the crash of malaysische Boeing (flight MH17) in Ukraine in 2014, he published on YouTube a new video with witnesses of the crash.

"At first all was quiet, and then began to fly overhead military aircraft. Seen one, just seen. Second, I could hear the sound, but it is unclear where he was. Again, all was quiet, two minutes have passed - over the head of a strong cotton. He raised his head to the sky to look, saw the trail from which - I don't know, but he was kind of horizontally... And saw already the clouds were falling plane," says another witness Boris.

Ukrainian TV presenter wished the death of the inhabitants of the Crimea and Donbas

Broadcaster and writer from Lviv Ostap thrushes in the air of your YouTube channel and wished the death of the inhabitants of the Crimea and the Donbass.

He stated that he is a supporter of total blockade of both regions.