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The States have sued the administration trump for student visas

Seventeen US States and capital district of Columbia filed a lawsuit against the administration of President Donald trump, demanding to withdraw the restrictive measures on student visas.

Previously, the administration demanded that the foreigners on student visa studying in the United States on full-time or left the country. Most universities in this intend to save for near-term limitations on full-time classes due to pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Trump explained the cancellation of Golf-club

The President of the United States Donald trump explained the cancellation of the trip on the weekend to your Golf club with the desire to ensure the safety of Washington, he wrote Saturday on Twitter.

Earlier media reports drew attention to the change in the schedule of the President, where the day disappeared on a trip to Bedminster, where trump's Golf club. Many have attributed this to the fact that in several States, including new Jersey, in the last days, an increasing number of infections with coronavirus.

The house of representatives of the United States Congress votes to create new state

The house of representatives Friday will vote on the status of the capital Washington, which proposed to make the 51st state in the Union.

Currently, the Washington administrative point of view, is the Federal district of Columbia, not included in any of the States.

In Charleston dismantled the monument to the theorist of slavery see Calhoun

A monument to the former Vice-President of the United States and ideologue of the slave policy John see Calhoun dismantled in Charleston, South Carolina, reports CNN.

As reported, the work on dismantling of the monument erected in the Central square of the city, began on Wednesday and lasted most of the day.

Trump plans to sign a decree on the protection of monuments until the end of the week

The US President Donald trump has promised to sign before the end of this week, the Executive decree on the protection of monuments, he stated at a press conference in Washington after talks with the President of Poland.

"We already have a law on the protection of monuments ... but I think we should gather all the various aspects together in one very strong decree, I think he will be ready by the end of the week," said trump.

In Washington, the protests escalated into riots

Protests in Washington, D.C., turned into Monday in the riots, when police ousted attempted to tear down the statue of seventh US President Andrew Jackson of the demonstrators from the square in Lafayette, reports NBC News.

Protesters knocked down a temporary fence around the statue, some climbed up on it to tie the rope. A crowd of people surrounding the statue, shouted: "Andrew Jackson must go!".

Media: Pentagon increases the number of national guard soldiers in the district of Columbia

US Department of defense increases the number of National guard soldiers in the capital district of Columbia in connection with the riots because of the death of an African-American George Floyd, Reuters reported, citing a senior Pentagon spokesman.

It is reported that military police and engineering units while waiting for the order on high alert in the capital region. The official expressed the hope that use them do not have.