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Sweden removes restrictions on travel to several countries

The Swedish authorities from July 30 to take off introduced in connection with the coronavirus restrictions on travel to Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the country.

Previously, Sweden had already lifted restrictions on travel to Andorra, Belgium, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Monaco, Luxembourg, Germany and Hungary. The recommendation not to visit all the rest of the EU without the need extended to August 12.

In the Czech Republic has introduced a "traffic light system" to assess the situation with COVID-19

The Czech government on Monday approved the so-called "traffic light system" for a better territorial orientation in the situation of dissemination of the disease coronavirus, told reporters one of the authors of the project, the Minister of health Adam vojtěch.

"Next week in the Republic will operate the so-called "traffic light system" which will allow all of us to better navigate the situation with coronavirus diseases in individual territories, districts and cities. White color, updated weekly interactive map will indicate the lack of patients in a given place, green – the minimum number of cases, orange – medium risk, red – high possibility of infection," - said the Minister.

All Czech doctors who worked with COVID-19, will receive awards

All Czech doctors worked directly with patients with coronavirus in the period of the pandemic in March-may of this year, in addition will receive a bonus of 40 thousand kroons (about 1.8 thousand dollars) per month, the decision was taken on Monday evening the government of the Republic, told journalists the Minister of Finance Alain Silerova.

"Those doctors, who worked directly with patients with coronavirus has already been able to apply for the award for the period 1 March to 31 may in the amount of 40 thousand CZK (per month). All the other doctors who worked in hospitals during this period will receive 25 thousand euros (about 1.1 thousand dollars), and the technical staff of the hospitals for 10 million kroner (about USD 445)," said Silerova.

Britain re-imposed quarantine for those arriving from Spanish Islands

The UK has extended the requirement for mandatory 14-day quarantine on arriving from the Balearic and Canary Islands, reported the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom.

The British government has previously ruled out Spain, where in recent years the situation has deteriorated with a coronavirus, from a list of countries, upon arrival of which do not need to undergo quarantine. Until now, the Spanish island for this requirement did not fall.

The Czech government rejected a proposal to legalize euthanasia

The Czech government at a meeting on Monday discussed the proposal of several members of Parliament from the Pirate party and movement ANO on the legalization in the country of euthanasia by a majority of votes rejected it, has taken a neutral position, only the Ministry of justice, reported the press service of the government.

"The government has considered the proposal of a number of members of Parliament on the legalization in the country of euthanasia to terminally ill people could freely decide about his departure from life. The government reacted negatively to the proposal. He spoke against the Ministry of interior, Ministry of health, Ministry of social Affairs and the Supreme court and the Conference of Catholic bishops of the Czech Republic. Only the Ministry of justice has taken a neutral position", - stated in the message.

Named European countries with the most affordable gasoline

Luxembourg topped the ranking of European countries on the availability of gas for the population, Russia has one of the lowest fuel prices — on the 20th position in last place — Ukraine, according to a study by RIA Novosti.

The rankings used data from the statistics of European countries on the price of gasoline 95 octane as of the beginning of July 2020 (for Ukraine and Norway — by the end of may 2020). The price changes calculated in local currency countries. To evaluate the accessibility of motor fuel in various countries, experts, based on official statistics, to calculate the amount of gasoline that can be purchased on their monthly salary from the countries of Europe.

In the Czech Republic in the zoo has a aquarium where the fish swim along with a plastic

Zoo in the Czech Brno was opened in the aquarium with exotic fishes from the tropical seas of Southeast Asia and Africa floating plastic trash, according to Europulse.

The zoo management believes the aquarium "realistic" and wants to use it to show how much people affect the lives of neighbors on the planet.

In the Czech Republic revealed 247 new cases COVID-19

For the last day in the Czech Republic revealed 247 infected with a coronavirus, the highest in July, the government recorded more than 14.5 thousand patients, it is spoken in the message of Ministry of health of the country.

From the data of the Ministry of health of the Czech Republic it follows that the 247 largest number of identified infected per day in July.

"Collapse is inevitable". Will strong the Europeans are weak

In the European Union for the next crisis, and very sharp. The pandemic has seriously undermined the economy, particularly had the already weak EU members. However, strong is not in a hurry to help discussions about the budget have stalled. Why the rich don't want to share, understood to RIA Novosti.

Summits the EU has always enliven the tranquil Brussels. Filled with hotels, blocked the Central streets, the crowds of reporters around the police, in the building of Europe, where he moved five years ago, the headquarters of the organization and where the meetings take place is not overcrowded.

The lawyer called to question Czech friend Safronova

Protection of the accused in the treason of adviser to the head of "Roscosmos" Ivan Safronov considers that the investigation has to be questioned in the criminal case of a citizen of the Czech Republic Martin Larisch, whom several media outlets have called the personnel officer of the Czech intelligence services, told RIA Novosti lawyer Ivan Pavlov.

“If the investigation finds that Laris enlisted Ivan in 2012, and received from him classified information in the 2017th, then let him be questioned as a witness, it must be done. It's because of the fact that the consequence has to have some evidence, not just arbitrarily label”, - the lawyer told.

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