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Judi Dench quarantined shot with grandson videos for TikTok

. British actress Judi Dench quarantined filmed videos for TikTok with his 23-year-old grandson Sam Williams, reports The Independent.

Together they laid out a few dances.

Out the trailer for "Immortal guard" with Charlize Theron

Netflix and Skydance posted a new trailer for the Thriller "Immortal guard" based on the graphic novel by Greg Rucki.

Andy (Charlize Theron) and her subordinates from different eras – the immortal war that have lead their struggle for the sake of humanity. Suddenly it becomes clear that their abilities are compromised, they are forced to escape and in parallel to train a new fighter named Niall (Kiki lane).

Billboard has compiled a list of the best summer tracks from the 90s

Anna Chan, the author of Billboard magazine dedicated to music industry, compiled a list of the best summer songs that were popular in the 90-ies, and also served at this time first place in the charts Billboard's songs of the summer and the Billboard hot 100.

The absolute leader in 1990, the year was Mariah Carey. The title song "Vision of love" from the eponymous debut album, written in the style of pop R

"I'm excited" Orlando bloom told them about Katy Perry, future daughter

English actor Orlando bloom in conversation with leading the show Good morning America said that thinking about the birth of a daughter, who is about to be born. Mom is preparing to become a singer Katy Perry, reports the Daily Mail.

The actor said he was "looking forward to those sleepless nights", when to get up and feed baby from a bottle.

The film "Chernobyl" Danila Kozlovsky shows in the United States

The film "Chernobyl" directed by Danila Kozlovsky shows in the US, the rights to the picture acquired company Capelight Pictures, reports the press service of "Central partnership".

"Capelight Pictures acquired the rights for distribution in North America and German-speaking countries (released in the United States will be held in cooperation with the MPI Media Group) new picture of Danila Kozlovsky "Chernobyl". Foreign sales of the picture deals with the film company "Central partnership" (enters in "Gazprom-Media"), closed a number of major transactions at the Cannes online market and Buyers on the Russian Key Event early last month," - said the press service.

Big cartoon festival opens online

The annual Big cartoon festival begins on Friday work in the virtual format, the audience will be able to see collections of Russian cartoons and foreign films-winners of international festivals and film awards, announced the press service of the event.

"The best contemporary animation from around the world for adults and children, video conferencing with well-known Directors and artists, lectures by leading experts from animation industry and master classes in various techniques of animation in "the cartoon Factory" for children, Teens and adults will be available to everyone, from any city in Russia and is free after registration on the festival website," the message reads.

Confiscated during the war, the work of Pissarro returned to heirs

. The court of cassation finally decided to return to the heirs of a painting by Camille Pissarro "picking peas" stolen from Jewish collector's Simone Bauer during the Second world war, according to France Info.

The current owners of the painting, a married couple Bruce and Robbie toll from the US, bought it in 1995 at a Christie's auction for 800 thousand dollars. They claim that they knew nothing about the origin of the work.

The tabloid will pay Geoffrey rush record compensation in libel case

The Australian newspaper the Daily Telegraph, will be paid to the actor Geoffrey rush record compensation of $ 2.9 million dollars in the case of libel, The Guardian reports.

And though in the Daily Telegraph claimed that this amount is "manifestly excessive" (only for non-pecuniary damage rush has to pay 850 thousand dollars), and tried to challenge the decision of the Federal court of Australia, issued in April 2019 (when the rush won a libel suit), claims tabloid completely rejected.

Britney Spears laugh users strange dance

American pop singer Britney Spears posted on instagram video, which demonstrates the strange dance that was invented.

Under the hit Nelly Furtado "Say it right" (2006) and track Billy Eilis "I love you" singer takes the movement, something reminiscent of Oriental dance: she twirls hips, spinning and waving his arms. However, many people, this "freestyle" from the winner of the award "Grammy" only laugh.

The Pushkin Museum opened the sale of online tickets for visitors

State Museum of fine arts named after Pushkin on Wednesday opened sales of online tickets, the press service of the Museum.

"The Pushkin Museum to them. A. S. Pushkin will open to visitors on 10 July. Online tickets can be purchased on the website from 1 July. The first projects that will be seen by the audience – the exhibition "From dürer to Matisse. Selected drawings from the collection of the Pushkin Museum. A. S. Pushkin" in the Main building and "Tattoo" in the Gallery of art of Europe and America XIX–XX centuries", - said in the message.

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