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The astrologer called the basic traits of each zodiac sign

Writer and expert on astrology Kate rose called the main features and characteristics of each sign of the zodiac, according to YourTango.

So, the astrological year begins (21st Mar — 20th APR), whose ruling planet is Mars, element — Fire. Representatives of this sign are ambitious and usually know what they want. However, due to the excessive pressure they do not always get to. Aries — passionate, temperamental, honest and courageous people, and all that surrounds them, full of drive and energy.

David Beckham laugh Network by repeating the image of the cast of "Miami Vice"

English footballer and model David Beckham was amused users, posting instagram photos and video, which together with TV presenter and actor James Korden appears in a fancy retro-look.

In the picture the athlete and TV presenter posing in lush wigs, white suits and sunglasses with purple lenses. According to the Daily Mail, so they parodied the main characters from the American television series "Miami Vice", popular in the mid 1980-ies.

"We have to get him!": Zarubina called guilty in the death of Legkostupova

Singer Olga Zarubina, a close friend of Valentina Legkostupova, said "the Fifth channel" that the death of the actress involved in her husband Yuri Firsov.

On the death of Legkostupova previously told her daughter.

Alexey Uchitel: it remains to wonder what Choi wrote, in our days

The leader of the group "Kino" Viktor Tsoi at concerts had a mystical effect on the audience, the political meaning of his songs do not lose their relevance today, we can only wonder what Choi wrote, in our days, told RIA Novosti Director of the film "Choi" Alexey Uchitel.

"We met with Victor in 1987, when I was shooting the documentary "Rock." Heroes I had five: Boris Grebenshchikov (leader of group "Aquarium" - ed.), Yuri Shevchuk (leader of group "DDT" - ed.), Oleg Garkusha (the leader of the group "Auktyon" - ed.), Timur Novikov (painter - ed.) and Viktor Tsoi. I chose the most silent of them – Victor and offered to come to him in the boiler room with a camera and asking questions, to shoot it there. He worked the entire shift. We spoke with him, I took his speech, was friends with his wife Mariana, later also filmed his son Sasha for the film "Last hero". Victor was a person, quite introverted, but at concerts he was transformed and had a mystical impact on the viewers. It was already clear that this extraordinary personality, but to imagine that 30 years after his death he will remain a cult figure, I could not. This is its uniqueness, its phenomenon," - said the Teacher.

Ridiculed "pout" Guzeeva retorted podyschite

Larisa Guzeeva, which is the last publication made fun of girls who enhance the lips by using injections and operations, retorted podyschite, which criticized the TV presenter in the comments.

Host of "let's get married!" posted on instagram a picture in which applies to the lips flat peach, reminiscent of the "huge lips" and wrote: "a Woman with a peach". However, not all users laugh joke.

The cause of death of 35-year-old actor from the film "We from the future"

Artist Anton Khabarov named the cause of death of his colleague, actor Sergey Kunitsky. The commentary he posted on his Instagram.

On the death Kunitsky 36-m to year of life has previously been reported in the Moscow Provincial theatre.

The audience noticed the gaffe in "Jurassic Park" 27 years after the premiere

The attentive viewer and fan of the Steven Spielberg film "Jurassic Park" in the sci-Fi blockbuster of 1993 year 27 years after its premiere, reports the Independent.

This fan wrote in the Reddit subforum MovieDetails "In "Jurassic Park" there is a scene in which the dinosaur opens the door to the kitchen, and in this moment you can see how the operator grabs the predator by the tail".

Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevingne made the same tattoo

Supermodels Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevingne made the same tattoo on his feet. This became known from the stories associated with instagram the 18-year-old daughter of Cindy Crawford.

Posted picture shows the feet of the stars of world fashion weeks, on the curve which depicts a tattoo with the word "solemate", which translated to English means "soul mate". The publication was made in honor of the birthday Delevingne. Yesterday the supermodel was 28 years old.

He released the teaser of the film "North wind" Litvinova about the mysterious female clan

YouTube has posted the teaser of the film of Renata Litvinova, "the North wind" about powerful women of the mysterious clan.

Starring in the movie performed by: Renata Litvinova, Anton Shagin, Sophia Ernst, Galina Tyunina, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Nikita Kukushkin, Juliana Dobrovskaya, Tatyana piletskaya, Hibla Gerzmava, Maxim Sukhanov, Timur Surkov, Maria Berdinskikh, and others.

Died writer Igor Yefimov

Lived in the US, writer Igor Yefimov has died on 84-m to year of life, reported in Facebook by his friend, publicist Evgeny Berkovich.

"The book we release, there is no doubt. I will miss his sincere joy from each new book, his young enthusiasm and thirst for new victories. To work until the last day given to the righteous. Light memory!" he added.

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