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The spacecraft Crew Dragon returned to Earth

The spacecraft Crew Dragon splashed down in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Florida, completing the first manned flight to the International space station.

He touched the water in the calculation 21:48 Moscow time.

Cosmonaut Ivanishin visited the ship Crew Dragon

Three American astronauts and Russian cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin, located on the International space station, spent an hour inside the spacecraft Crew Dragon, Elon musk, to evaluate its comfort, said NASA.

The spacecraft Crew Dragon with a crew of two flew to the ISS in late may. This is his first manned test flight is expected to last until early August.

Crew Dragon with NASA astronauts will return to Earth in August

The Dragon Crew vehicle, delivering to the International space station two NASA astronauts in may, will return to Earth in early August, said at a press briefing, Deputy program Manager commercial flights NASA Stephen Stich.

"We plan to return in early August... at the earliest – 2 - August," said Stich.

Rogozin spoke about the ridicule from the US after the launch of the Crew Dragon

After the successful launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon "Roscosmos" heard in the address only of ridicule, wrote the head of the state Corporation Dmitry Rogozin in a column for Forbes.

"When our partners managed to conduct a successful test, nothing but jokes and ridicule in our address, we have not heard, although it would be appropriate to thank our "Union", Soviet Russian developers and engineers who in recent years has continued to upgrade this the world's most trusted manned ship," he said.

The commander of Crew Dragon hit his head during the transition to ISS

NASA has confirmed that the crew commander Crew Dragon Doug Hurley struck his forehead during the transition from the ship to the International space station.

"Yes, he hit his head, it happens in orbit, but he's fine, he looked great at the press conference," - said at a briefing after docking the Deputy head of the manned program of NASA's Steve Stich.

The ISS commander said, what will you do in orbit the crew of the Crew Dragon

The commander of the 63rd crew of the International space station, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy said, what will you do in orbit who arrived on the ship Dragon Crew astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken.

The latest spacecraft Crew Dragon, developed by SpaceX on behalf of NASA, was launched in Florida on Saturday. He arrived on the ISS on Sunday, 19 hours after launch, having performed an automated docking with the station.

Astronauts Crew Dragon said that they were able to sleep on the ship

Astronauts Crew Dragon said that they were able to sleep the first night on the ship.

"We were able to sleep for about seven hours. I was able to sleep, Doug, too," - said during the welcoming ceremony at the International space station astronaut Bob Behnken. The stream leads from the ISS NASA.

Crew Crew Dragon went to the ISS

The crew belonging to the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft Crew transferred to the International space station.

After completion of the pressure equalization ISS commander Chris Cassidy opened the hatch of the airlock. Then he opened the hatch of the ship, and the astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken moved to the ISS.

The Crew Dragon crew moved in automatic mode for docking with the ISS

The crew Dragon Crew turned the ship into automatic mode for docking with the ISS, the spacecraft is 100 meters from the station, the company SpaceX is a live broadcast.

Crew Dragon was launched from Cape Canaveral on Saturday in the first test manned flight. Aboard are NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken.

The Russian space Agency commented on the launch of Elon musk

The Russian space Agency don't understand the "hysteria" about the successful launch of a private spacecraft Crew Dragon. This was stated by the head of the press service of the state Corporation Vladimir Ustimenko.

"Something happened that should happen long time ago. Now not only Russian, will fly to the ISS, but the Americans. Well and good!" — he wrote in Twitter.

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