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To save the team. As a dentist in Ulan-Ude saves his job

Director of the "Center of molecular diagnostics and dentistry" from Ulan-Ude Manel Amirkhanyan, despite the epidemic of the coronavirus and financial problems, was able to keep the entire staff his clinic and to pay them salaries for the months of inactivity. He is confident that in the next six months will be able to reach pre-crisis level earnings: services of its clinics are in the city demand, and doctors, despite the difficulties, work with enthusiasm.

Now any patient who came in "CMD dental-clinics", at the reception, be sure to measure the temperature - these are the new rules postgarantie. According to Amirkhanyan, visitors to the new requirements are understanding. However, this is not the only measure that is applied here. In the clinic there is always an adequate supply of disposable masks and gloves, as well as enhanced protection, a special masks and costumes. "From the very beginning we decided that all that we have to have on hand, and had already issued an internal order concerning the rules of work", - says the head of the clinic.

The head of "Mail of Russia" has asked Putin to support new projects of the company

The head of "Mail of Russia" Maxim Akimov asked the Russian President Vladimir Putin to support two new projects of the company in the field of electronic Commerce ("e-Mail-business") and the creation of social centres in the countryside.

"We have big plans for new products... we Have two ideas... and So we ask here for support, rather it is a coordinating nature. But I think these two stories for good development, and social and economic, would be very useful," - said Akimov at the meeting with Putin.

The Corporation told the SME business support measures in a pandemic

More than 80 thousand users were able to obtain information about measures of support of business in Russia in conditions of a pandemic coronavirus via contact center Corporation for the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs Corporations) and on its website, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Corporation.

Contact center Corporations SMEs at the beginning of June received and processed about 8 thousand hits. So, 2700 questions were related to financial measures of support from the Corporation, over 1,300 are interest-free loans of SME Bank which is a subsidiary of the Corporation, more than 1,700 services of the business Navigator. More than 200 cases related to property support, most of the rest to support the procurement and moratorium on inspections.

Businessmen told of SME Corporation about the conduct of canceled checks

The Corporation of SMEs has received more than 150 complaints about the conduct of inspections of subjects of small and average business, despite the moratorium, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Corporation.

According to the instructions of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail mishustina, from 18 March to 31 December in Russia, a moratorium on inspections for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Federation Council approved the law on support of the self-employed

The Federation Council on Tuesday approved the law on expansion to self-employed people paying a tax on professional income (NAPs), individual measures of support of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

This is primarily related to financial, property, informational, consulting, educational support, and support provided by "SME Corporation" and its subsidiaries. Regional and local authorities will have the right to provide other forms of support through their budgets.