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French epidemiologist assessed the timing of the emergence of vaccine COVID-19

It seems unlikely that a fully effective vaccine against coronavirus infection appear in 2021, said an epidemiologist and member of the Scientific Council under the Ministry of health of France Arnaud the Fountain.

"The vaccine is many years of development. Of course, now been an unprecedented effort for its creation, but I'll be very surprised if in 2021 will be an effective vaccine. It's possible that the vaccine will appear, but it will only work partially," said the specialist, the TV channel BFMTV.

In Palestine three more people died of coronavirus

The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Palestine exceeded seven thousand, reported the Minister of health of Palestine May El-Kela.

"Three people died and 349 cases of infection with coronavirus identified in days in the territory of Palestine. The total number of infected is 7037. At the moment - 5763 active infections," said El-Kela.

In Russia, more than 7,5 thousand military recovered from COVID-19

Over 7.5 thousand Russian soldiers were recovered from coronavirus, including day recovered 89 persons reported in the Bulletin of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.

"For the past day in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation after treatment recovered 89 soldiers. The total number recovered in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (on an accrual basis) increased to 7561 people", - stated in the message.

German scientists have found that survivors COVID-19 lose antibodies

Researchers in Germany have come to the conclusion that with time some recover from COVID-19 significantly reduced the amount of antibody, which indicates the possibility of re-infection with a coronavirus, the TV channel ZDF.

According to him, the reduction in the number of antibodies was found at the blood results first patients with the coronavirus in Germany, which in late January was treated in clinic Munich Schwabing.

In several municipalities of Catalonia have introduced strict quarantine

The authorities of the Spanish Autonomous community of Catalonia made the decision about the introduction of strict quarantine in the city of Lleida and the seven municipalities of the province (Comarca Segre), officials said.

About 150 thousand of 430 thousand inhabitants of the region will not be allowed to leave their homes except in cases of urgent need (to go for food, to hospitals, to the needy in the care of relatives or to commute to work). It is expected that the measure will last 15 days.

Who mission will evaluate the situation with coronavirus in Turkmenistan

The mission of the world health organization (who) in Turkmenistan at the invitation of the Turkmen government, will assess the situation COVID-19 in the country in the coming Wednesday, reports the Sunday of the Turkmen news website Orient.

"It is expected that the results of the who mission in Turkmenistan will be announced on Wednesday, July 15, during a briefing," - said in the message.

In Greece per day revealed 31 cases COVID-19

In Greece in recent days revealed 31 cases of coronavirus, four of them detected in the control at the entry into the country, according to the national organization of public health.

The total number of infected since the beginning of the pandemic has increased to 3803 people.

In Kalmykia extended mode isolation

The mode isolation in Kalmykia extended until July 26, informs on Sunday, oberstab of the region in his Telegram channel.

In Kalmykia, a regime of isolation is valid till July 12, in the region, which in June entered the second phase of the lifting of restrictions – open markets, street trading and the previously closed shops, resumed work of public transport and departments of IFC, hotels and beauty salons.

The number of victims of coronavirus in Azerbaijan exceeded 300

The total number of recorded cases of coronavirus in Azerbaijan reached 24 041 per day the infection is identified at 520 people, only the 306 people with COVID-19, said on Sunday the operational headquarters under the Cabinet.

"Azerbaijan has identified 520 cases of infection with coronavirus, 486 people were cured. Today in Azerbaijan revealed 24 041 the fact of infection coronavirus infection 15 093 people were cured, 306 died, 8642 continue treatment in the special hospitals regime," - said in a release staff.

Thai scientists have tested the vaccine COVID-19 on monkeys

A group of scientists the oldest in Thailand, Chulalongkorn University has successfully completed the tests they have developed vaccines from COVID-19 on monkeys and announced readiness to proceed with tests on human volunteers in October.

This was stated Sunday at a press conference in Bangkok the Director of the program for the development of vaccines University Kiat Retrogram.

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