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In USA find elk, caught on video with a car tire on the neck

Service representatives of wildlife conservation in Colorado trying to find an elk with a tire on the neck, reports UPI.

The footage was filmed by a surveillance camera. "We would like to find a pet and save him from this bus," wrote employees in the social network.

In Colorado recorded case of the plague

The cases of plague in humans is noted in the U.S. state of Colorado, but doctors believe that a serious reason for concern, reported the Denver Post.

This is the first case of human infection in the state in 2015. It is supposed that he contracted from the whites. Ill have recovered.

In Colorado, they have found a plague-infected squirrel

Plague-infected squirrel discovered in Colorado, said in a statement destava Jefferson County.

"On Saturday, July 11 test proteins, discovered in the town of Morrison, has tested positive for plague," - said power.

Denver PD was forbidden to use lethal weapons against protesters

The Federal district court of Colorado on Friday banned Denver police use tear gas, rubber bullets, lighting grenades and other means of "temporary defeat" against protesters in the city without special permission from the court documents, placed in the database Court Listener.

A temporary injunction is a response to a lawsuit filed Thursday in district court the protesters, complaining about excessive force that police use in demonstrations because of the death of an African-American George Floyd. The decree States that now the police can use means of temporary defeat only if "the head of the police force with the rank of captain or above will specifically authorize such use of force in response to specific violent acts or destruction of property, a witness whom he was personally".