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The head of Chukotka was hospitalized after contact with infected with the coronavirus

The head of Chukotka Roman Kopin was hospitalized with pneumonia after contact with infected with the coronavirus, he is waiting for test results.

"As a result of contact with a carrier COVID-19 a few days high temperature. The results of the survey - pneumonia. Took a test for the virus, waiting for the results. Following the advice of doctors, went to INSTITUTION "the Chukotka regional hospital," wrote Kopin in your account in Instagram.

The scientist explained how dangerous the ice melting because of global warming

The melting of the ice and other consequences of global warming lead to a gradual increase in global sea level, in the long term threatens with flooding of developed coastal areas, said RIA Novosti doctor of geographical Sciences, head of laboratory of hydrology and climatology Pacific Institute of geography Feb RAS.

According to him, this in turn reduces the reflectivity of snow and ice and accelerates the heating up and melting.

Named regions with the highest rate of alcoholism

The region with the highest rate of alcoholism in 2019 became Chukotka, reports RT with reference to data of the Ministry of health.

Under alcoholism refers to mental and behavioural disorders associated with alcohol use, including dependence syndrome from alcohol. In Chukotka recorded 275,9 new cases diagnosis of these disorders per 100 thousand population.

In Chukotka found lost two weeks ago of a gold miner

Rescue workers and police found in the tundra in Chukotka, a man who lost two weeks ago and all this time, eating berries and plants, according to the regional Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The duty of the police received a message from the Director of gold company that in the tundra of the Bilibino district lost an employee. The fourth of July, 53-year-old native of Yekaterinburg together with his colleagues went in a jeep from the village Keperveem. The road transport broke down, the man decided to walk close to in the tundra and got lost in unfamiliar terrain.

In Chukotka extended the restrictions due to coronavirus

Part of the restrictive anti-epidemic measures due to coronavirus in Chukotka was extended to August 3: saved mask mode, social distancing, do not operate entertainment places, according to the regional oberstab.

"Still following (limited - edition): suspended the activities of night clubs, entertainment centers and recreation establishments

The people of Chukotka compensate fines for return tickets from COVID-19

The authorities of Chukotka have allocated 1 million rubles for reimbursement of fines for refund since March 1 of tickets on intra-regional routes, according to the County Department of social policy.

Previously, reimbursement could be obtained only ticketed passengers to other regions of the Russian Federation and back.

The inhabitant of Chukotka suspect in the murder of two fishermen

The people of Chukotka is suspected of killing two fishermen from a hunting rifle on the grounds of the quarrel, according to the regional SUCK, Russian Federation.

Saturday, July 11, it was reported that the gully on the shore of the Anadyr estuary found two dead men with gunshot wounds to the head. A criminal case under article "Murder of two persons".

Former Deputy head of the Anadyr will be tried on charges of damage to the budget

The former Deputy head of the administration of the Anadyr will stand trial on charges of abuse of power, in which the city budget suffered damage at 85.6 million rubles, the Prosecutor of Chukotka.

The former official was charged under part 3 of article 285 (abuse of official powers) and part 2 of article 292 of the RF criminal code (forgery). According to militiamen, in 2017, the defendant, occupying the post of first Deputy head of administration of the Anadyr, controlled improvement of house adjoining territories by the contractor. The company was going to reduce the amount of work scheduled, promising to perform other, not stipulated by the work contract without documenting.

In Chukotka canadian Kinross Gold will begin the exploration of gold deposits

The canadian company Kinross Gold will begin development of a new gold Deposit in the Chukotka region, said in his Instagram account the region's Governor Roman Kopin.

"Kinrossrussia will continue to work in Chukotka. The company will develop a new field Qianmian. Kinross Gold is present in the region for almost 15 years - an example of a socially responsible company that cares about the environment and traditions of the indigenous peoples of the area. Glad to continue cooperation," wrote Kopin.

The situation with large-scale forest fires in Chukotka stabiliziruemost

The situation with forest fires in Chukotka, and saw thousands of hectares of natural areas, stabiliziruemost, in the same area lifted the state of emergency, according to a Instagram account of the region's Governor Roman Kopin.

Earlier Avialesookhrana sent 50 employees to Chukotka to fight fires. Emergency mode was introduced in the Anadyr and Bilibino regions. As of 1 July, in the region extinguished the fire on 32 thousand hectares. They are difficult to access.

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