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"Catch up, kill." Why brides are still kidnapped

Kyrgyzstan has developed a game — "Spring in Bishkek". The plot — the kidnapping of the bride. But in life it happens. While some with this custom fighting, others support it. Why is this archaic tradition is so tenacious and how Kyrgyz girls saved from forced marriage in the material RIA Novosti.

"Spring in Bishkek" — a simulator of situations. The heroine of the game trying to force into marriage by threat of authority of the elders. In reality, it could be worse.

In Kyrgyzstan can re-impose a state of emergency due to coronavirus

The Kyrgyzstani headquarters for the fight against COVID-19 will consider the re-introduction of state of emergency in several cities and districts of the country, said Thursday at a press conference the Deputy Minister of health Madamin Karataev.

"At the moment the situation is very acute in Chui oblast, Bishkek, Osh oblast and in Osh. Today at a meeting of the Republican headquarters will consider the introduction of a state of emergency and decided, taking into account all of the factors,” - said the Deputy Minister.