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The war with the monuments will not be able to export from the USA to Russia

The war with the monuments, going to USA, I want to export to Russia — and it's not about the decision to move the monument to merchant Alexander Baranov mastered the AK, with the Central area founded the city of Sitka (Novo-Arkhangelsk) to the Museum. Sheep now "a rapist and a murderer, racist, exterminated the local Indians", but then we can't do anything: Alaska sold half a century ago. No, it's about the fact that what is happening in America is beginning to refer to Russia — those who struggle with the monuments. The American experience is used for intimidation: see what happens when put the wrong sites, you don't want us to have, in the United States? Then respect our opinions, our feelings, our memories!

Alas, it is not so: after the revolution, Russian was imposed on a completely distorted picture of its history. Yes, impose it on ideological rather than national reasons (although the latter was also present) — but in the first couple of decades of the Soviet power Russian history was presented as a series of bloody crimes of the rulers and their lackeys. It is not surprising that it was demolished almost all monuments to Russian tsars, most of the monuments to the Russian generals — and then almost all of the war, which was waged by Russia was considered aggressive and colonial. Ermak, Suvorov, Skobelev was a Russian military leaders were guilty of something before the other part of the Russian people. About kings better not to remember — the tyrant on the tyrant, except that Peter I unofficially considered a precursor of the Bolsheviks. Before and during the war began a partial revision of the attitude to Russian history and to the time of the fall of the USSR, many of the great figures of our past were partially rehabilitated, while new monuments to kings (or returning old) speech could not be.

Chicago authorities removed the monument to Columbus, which became the reason of protests

The government of the U.S. Chicago (Illinois) removed from the city Park a monument to the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus previously caused the protests in the city, reports the local edition of the Chicago-Sun Times.

Last Friday a large group of people protesting against racism, gathered at Grant Park, where is a monument. It was reported that the protesters threw in the detention order different items, they in turn used against the protesters with batons. Detained 12 people, in addition, affected about 18 police officers.

Zakharov: in the United States was the collapse of the concepts of freedom of speech and freedom of the media

The concept of freedom of speech and freedom of the media in the US completely destroyed, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

Zakharov said that "the collapse of the myth about the freedom of the media" in the United States is an accomplished fact.

Media: protesters outside the White House burned the US flag after the speech, trump

Protesters at the White House in Washington burned an American flag after the speech of the President of Donald trump's speech on the occasion of US independence Day, according to NBC.

The protesters, according to TV channel, during the incident, shouted slogans against "slavery, genocide and war" and "America was never great."

In Baltimore, protesters demolished the monument to Christopher Columbus

Protesters in the city of Baltimore in the American state of Maryland took off from the pedestal monument to Christopher Columbus and threw it in the Bay to the background of fireworks in the city in honor of independence Day, according to local newspaper the Baltimore Sun.

A group of protesters shouting threw the rope to the statue and took off from the pedestal, after which they rolled it out to the Bay and threw it in the water.

In the US have dismantled a statue of Confederate General Jackson

The statue of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson was removed from the pedestal in Richmond in the U.S. state of Virginia, reports local TV station Wric.

Previously, the black mayor of Richmond Levar Stoney ordered to remove all the monuments to Confederate from the streets of the city.

In Richmond, the American detained six demonstrators

Law enforcement agencies of the U.S. city of Richmond, Virginia, was detained six people during the protest, held near the monument to the commander of the slave States during the Civil war, General Robert E. Lee, said the police.

As stated in the police statement, at about 22 hours on Friday (5am Saturday GMT) near the monument to General gathered about 100 people. After they began to shoot at police with paint balls, the Assembly was declared illegal.

Media: in the United States will deal with "anti-government extremists"

U.S. attorney General William Barr forms task force to counter "anti-government extremists," reports the Washington Post, citing an official document.

As the newspaper notes, the document Barr wrote that on the background of peaceful protests by anti-government extremists "participated in unjustified acts of violence aimed at undermining the public order".

Trump explained the cancellation of Golf-club

The President of the United States Donald trump explained the cancellation of the trip on the weekend to your Golf club with the desire to ensure the safety of Washington, he wrote Saturday on Twitter.

Earlier media reports drew attention to the change in the schedule of the President, where the day disappeared on a trip to Bedminster, where trump's Golf club. Many have attributed this to the fact that in several States, including new Jersey, in the last days, an increasing number of infections with coronavirus.

Washington has protected the monument from the Lincoln due to calls for its demolition

U.S. law enforcement authorities installed a fence around the monument in the Park of Washington, depicting former American President Abraham Lincoln near bent a knee African American, after protesters called for the demolition of the monument, reports the Washington Post.

As the newspaper notes, previously protesters have announced plans to gather at the memorial on Thursday and Friday evening. According to the newspaper, it is unknown about whether the participants demonstrators hold a rally about it or to demolish the monument.

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