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Astronauts Cassidy and Behnken returned to the ISS after spacewalk

NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Bob Behnken returned to ISS on completion of planned works at a battery replacement station in space, NASA conducts a live broadcast.

The astronauts transferred the suits to the operation of the auxiliary power supply at 14.10 Moscow time and were left out of the station about six hours. During this time, they finished the planned work on the installation of new cameras on the external surface of the ISS and the replacement of obsolete batteries. On Thursday, the astronauts removed six old Nickel-hydrogen batteries and installed three new lithium ion battery.

The astronauts went out into space to replace batteries on the ISS

NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Bob Behnken made Friday's planned spacewalk to upgrade the power supply system of the station, NASA will broadcast live.

The output of Behnken and Cassidy in the spacewalk officially began at 14.37 GMT - at the moment of switching their spacesuits to battery power supply. It is planned that the astronauts will remain on the external surface of the station approximately 6.5 hours. They will continue to work on the replacement of obsolete batteries for the power station when it is in the shadows, the new lithium ion batteries.

The ISS commander said, what will you do in orbit the crew of the Crew Dragon

The commander of the 63rd crew of the International space station, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy said, what will you do in orbit who arrived on the ship Dragon Crew astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken.

The latest spacecraft Crew Dragon, developed by SpaceX on behalf of NASA, was launched in Florida on Saturday. He arrived on the ISS on Sunday, 19 hours after launch, having performed an automated docking with the station.

Crew Crew Dragon went to the ISS

The crew belonging to the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft Crew transferred to the International space station.

After completion of the pressure equalization ISS commander Chris Cassidy opened the hatch of the airlock. Then he opened the hatch of the ship, and the astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken moved to the ISS.

Delayed start Crew Dragon with astronauts is scheduled for Saturday

The second attempt to launch newest American spacecraft Crew Dragon with NASA astronauts on Board is scheduled for Saturday. First, in 2011 the manned flight to the International space station from the United States will depart Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken, who were preparing to launch on Wednesday, but the team at the start and did not hear - were prevented by the weather.

USA waiting for the resumption of private manned launches since 2011, when he completed the Space Shuttle program. It is symbolic that Hurley was part of the crew of the last mission of the space Shuttle "Atlantis", which marked the closure of the entire program, and will now become commander of the test flight Crew Dragon.