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Vice-miss "read-2019" died during illegal racing

In Chita as a result of the tragedy killed the second Vice-miss beauty contest "Chita-2019", the sportswoman Tatyana derbina. This was reported on the page in "Vkontakte" Chita state factory stables, where the girl engaged in equestrian sport.

As said the publication of "Chita.ru" the eyewitness of the tragedy, the girl removed the illegal races on motorcycles. During one of them she tried to run out on the road to search for the best angle, then fell under the wheels of a motorcycle.

In Chita check the video where the teenager lit the candles in the Church

Police in Zabaykalsky Krai checks after posting online a video in which a teenager lit a cigarette from a candle in the Cathedral of Chita, told RIA Novosti press-service of the regional interior Ministry cupola.

Earlier some mass media and social media had posted a video in which a young man in shorts baptized enters the Church, lights from candles and delayed. Some media wrote that the incident occurred in the Cathedral of the Kazan mother of God in Chita.

A military field hospital in Chita began to help Yakutia in the fight against COVID

Patients coronavirus infection from Yakutia arrived in Chita for examination and determination of the severity of COVID-19, reports the Ministry of defence.

"A plane from the gold-mining enterprises in Neryungri, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) arrived patients in the city of Chita for examination and determination of the severity of COVID-19. Computer-aided tomography of three patients were sent to mobile multidisciplinary military hospital for treatment," the statement reads.

The three heads of the regions of Siberia and the far East had voted for amendments to the Constitution

The head of Transbaikalian edge Alexander Osipov, acting Governor of Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev, the head of the Altai Republic Oleg Khorokhordin took part in the voting on the amendments to the Constitution.

A nationwide vote is scheduled for July 1, however, the opportunity to vote for the Russians have with June 25.

In Chita mechanized column in the Victory parade was headed by T-34 tank

The legendary tank of WWII T-34 led the mechanized column in the parade in honor of the anniversary of the Victory in the city of Chita in Zabaykalsky Krai, the press service of the Eastern military district.

It is noted that modern technology was submitted to T-72 tanks, anti-aircraft missile systems Buk and s-300 missiles, launchers of PTRC "Iskander-M", infantry combat vehicles BMP-2. This is the first year the Parade was attended by crews stations radio "Leer-3", as well as the newest armored cars "Tiger".

Scientist predicted a decrease in mortality from COVID-19 in Russia

The strong decline in daily deaths due to the coronavirus will occur in the capital region, in other regions the same indicator will decrease in 1,5-2 times, told RIA Novosti expert in statistics and modeling, Center for economic research Aghasi Tavadyan.

As the expert said, in the Moscow region the peak of the epidemic passed and the fatality rates will decrease. The majority of regions of Russia also reached a peak, left on plateau, began the reduction of morbidity and death.

In Chita more than 20 people were discharged from field hospital for the sick COVID

More than 20 patients discharged from multidisciplinary mobile field hospital deployed in Chita for patients with coronavirus, according to the defense Ministry.

In accordance with the instructions of President Vladimir Putin and instructions of defence Minister Sergei Shoigu multidisciplinary field mobile hospital with 100 beds quickly moved from Buryatia, Transbaikal region, where he started work on June 7.

In Chita has written the first patients from military hospital

The first eight patients were discharged from the military multidisciplinary mobile hospital for patients with coronavirus infection in Chita, said the Russian defense Ministry.

In accordance with the instructions of the Supreme commander of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the instructions of the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu multidisciplinary field mobile hospital with 100 beds was promptly thrown from Buryatia, Transbaikal region, where he commenced work on 7 June 2020.

In Chita per day deployed a field hospital to treat COVID-19

The specialists of the logistics of the defense Ministry of the day set in the Kashtak district in the Chita field multidisciplinary hospital with 100 beds for the treatment of patients with coronavirus, according to the website of the government of Transbaikalian edge.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on June 4 instructed the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation to expand the hospital to combat coronavirus in Zabaikalsky Krai from-for a difficult situation with coronavirus in the region. According to June 6, the total number of diagnosed cases of infection with coronavirus infection in the country reached 1471, 27 people died, has fully recovered 807 patients.

In Chita, the military began to deploy field mobile hospital

Military Eastern military district (TSB) has begun deployment of a multidisciplinary field mobile hospital in Chita colony.

Units of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the treated vehicle.

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