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Trump did not rule out a ban on Alibaba in USA

The US President Donald trump has stated that it is considering a possible ban on the activities of the Chinese company Alibaba in the United States.

"Well, Yes. We are studying and other things," trump said to reporters in the city of Bedminster, state of new Jersey, answering a question, don't you think authority to ban work in the United States and other major Chinese technology companies, including Alibaba.

The EAO called planned terms of commissioning of the bridge in China

Bridge "nizhneleninskoe - Tongjiang" across the Amur river is now scheduled to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2022, said on Wednesday the government of the EAO.

Earlier it was reported that this bridge will be the first railway bridge between Russia and China. It is designed to permit two ways to gauge Russian and Chinese standards. The Chinese side has completed the construction of its part of the bridge in October 2018. The deadline for the Russian part are repeatedly shifted, the last time for 2021. The acting Governor of Jewish Autonomous region Rostislav Goldstein noted, "it is desirable to complete all work in a timely manner is the first quarter of 2021."

Lavrov spoke about preparations for the summit of the "nuclear five" of the UN security Council

A specific date for the meeting of the leaders of the five permanent members of the UN security Council yet, there is a study of the organizational and substantive aspects of the meeting, said the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"Currently there is a study of the organizational and substantive aspects of the upcoming event. Specific dates yet. Of course, the 75th anniversary of the UN is for us an important milestone, especially since the creation of the world Organization became possible as a result of the great Victory, the anniversary of which we also celebrate this year", - said Lavrov in an interview with the newspaper "Arguments and facts".

"Already answered". Trump responded to Chinese sanctions against the United States

The President of the United States Donald trump argues that States have responded to the sanctions of the PRC.

"We have already answered," trump said in response to a question at a press conference.

Trump told who interfere in American elections

The US President Donald trump said that interfering in the election of Democrats.

At the press conference, trump was asked about "the Russian intervention" in U.S. elections, which Moscow denies.

The doctor has evaluated the threat of the spread of the new "deadly virus" from China

The doctor-the virologist Evgenia Tarasova comments in the "Evening Moscow" has predicted the occurrence of fever with thrombocytopenic syndrome.

As previously reported by the media, by SFTS virus in China has infected more than 60 people, seven died. A carrier of this infection are the ticks, but it can also be transmitted between people through blood or mucous. It was noted that patients with a cough, fever, decreased level of white blood cells and platelets.

The General staff called the condition of use of nuclear weapons

Russia uses its nuclear capability in the event of any missile attacks on its territory, it should be prepared by the General staff of the Armed forces of the article "On state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear deterrence", which was published in the newspaper "Red star".

Because of the ability to install, whether it be a nuclear missile or not, any missile will be positioned as nuclear, it follows from the material. The military leadership of Russia immediately receive information about the launch and will determine the scale of response.

U.S. tightening policy against the Chinese applications, and telecommunications companies

US tightening policy against telecommunications companies and applications China, said the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

"We are working to untrustworthy Chinese telecommunications company did not provide telecommunications services between the United States and other countries," Pompeo said at a briefing.

In China, the waterfall was flowing upwards because of the powerful Typhoon

Typhoon "Hagupit" made mountain waterfall Linfen height of 190 meters run backwards, reports the Daily Mail.

The footage shows how the falling water blows in the wind. Powerful Typhoon "Hagupit" struck the Chinese province of Zhejiang. The wind speed reached 136 miles per hour, in some Eastern coastal areas have recorded a wave height of more than four meters. More than 380 thousand people were evacuated.

Trump said that part of the profits from the sale TikTok will go to the U.S. Treasury

The US President Donald trump said that a significant portion of sales of the Chinese service TikTok needs to go to the U.S. Treasury.

"A very large part of that price must go to the Ministry of Finance of the USA," said trump at a press conference, speaking about the possible sale of the service.

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