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A VLT telescope has made the most beautiful photo of "cosmic butterflies"

The very large telescope (VLT) the European southern Observatory (EO) in Chile received a new image of the gas of the nebula NGC 2899, symmetry, color, and complex internal structure resembling fluttering in the night sky multi-colored butterfly. This was reported on the official website EO.

This planetary nebula has never been photographed in such minute detail — even visible through translucent background star field its weak outer edges.

In Chile has allowed citizens to withdraw part of pension savings from COVID

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera signed a law allowing citizens to withdraw part of pension savings to cope with the difficult economic situation that arose because of the coronavirus, said the government.

"President Sebastian Pinera on Friday signed amendments to the Constitution that allow withdrawals from individual accounts", - stated in the message.

Scientists have invented a new drug to combat coronavirus

Chile scientists have invented a drug to combat COVID-19 on the basis of interferon, it is expected human trials, reports TV channel 24 Horas.

Jorge Toledo, head of the Department of physiology, University of concepción, is the developer of the drug, explained that "if you stimulate the patient with interferon, to generate "their molecular soldiers", it is obvious that when the infection arrives, the viral load (on the body) will be less."

In Chile mother died, Michelle Bachelet and archaeologist ángela Geria

Chilean archeologist and a prominent figure in Chilean political and cultural life, and mother of the current UN high Commissioner for human rights and ex-President Michelle Bachelet Angela Geria died at the age of 93 years.

Reportedly, Geria, died Thursday morning in the hospital of military-air forces of the country.

The number of victims of coronavirus in Chile has exceeded five thousand

More than 5 thousand people died from COVID-19 in Chile, have been infected since the epidemic began more than 263 thousand, according to the Ministry of health of the country.

According to the office for the last day it was 4296 new infections, the total number of cases reached 263 360. Just died 5068 people.

In Chile extended the catastrophic regime imposed over coronavirus

The President of Chile has decided to extend for another three months the catastrophic regime due to the coronavirus, said the government.

"On Monday, June 15, the country's President Sebastian Pinera decided to extend the state of disaster, which is introduced in the country since March, another three months to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus," - said in the message.

In Chile, for the first time sent to prison guilty in violation of quarantine

Judiciary of Chile for the first time sentenced to a prison term for the culprit in the violation of the quarantine imposed due to the coronavirus, it follows from the statements of the Prosecutor and radio BioBioChile.

"The prosecution have made a jail term in 61 days for the person who tried may 17 to escape from the police monitoring because of the quarantine, and they do not have permission (being on the street - ed.)", - stated in the message South of the capital prosecution.

In Chile adjusted the number of deaths from COVID-19

Chilean authorities after revising the method of calculation has increased to 653 the number of people who died in the country as a result of infection of the coronavirus, reports radio BioBio Chile.

In early June the Minister of health Jaime Manalich reported that Chile is changing the methodology of counting the dead from COVID-19, now it will include those who died waiting for PCR test results.

The Russian Embassy in Chile received a false message about the mining

Embassy of Russia in Chile on Thursday got the message about the threat of explosion, it was not confirmed, told RIA Novosti press attache of the Embassy Denis Vinokurov.

Thus, three of the Russian diplomatic mission in Latin America reported a similar situation in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

In the capital of Chile extended the quarantine

Chilean authorities have decided to extend the quarantine in the capital of the country, imposed because of the spread COVID-19, for another week - until June 12, said the head of Ministry of health of the country Jaime Manalich. The speech was broadcast on Twitter.

"Studies show that movement in the capital region fell by only 30% of the normal level, many people violate the curfew", he said.

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